Senior Full Stack Developer - Product Growth

Job Description

Would you love to learn why Users act and Products grow?

Do you have the niggling suspicion that some deeper analysis of products and their features might unlock the mysteries of why some features work and others are literally never used by anyone?

Do you love the idea of rapidly iterating on new features as experiments against thousands of users to find ones that move the needle and hit customer engagement out of the ballpark?

We use real data science then design experiments to improve customer engagement and growth. You'll need to use your resulting understanding of user behaviour to design product features that may increase user engagement and be willing to put them to the test against real customers (and face the unfortunate truth that most will fail).

Responsible For:

  • Developing internal systems used by the Growth team, as well as systems the Growth team provides for other Atlassians
  • Developing and running A/B tests on evaluators
  • Support and assist Atlassian customers from around the globe using our products to further their businesses

Key Skills:

  • Knowledge in some of the standard front end and backend technologies
  • Knowledge of Open Source libraries, tools and frameworks, e.g. for logging, wiring, testing, building. The more the merrier!
  • Excitement for the latest trends in application design
  • Experience with agile software development methodologies like XP and Scrum
  • Interest to learn more about new languages and frameworks

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with Big Data/Analytics technology: Hadoop, Redshift, Google Analytics, A/B testing, etc

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