Product Analyst

Job Description

Atlassian is looking for an analytical mind to work in our JIRA Server team to analyze the way customers sign up for, evaluate, buy and grow the product. We use real data science to point the way, then design experiments to improve customer engagement and growth; we work with Product Managers, Designers and Engineers to build a world-class experience for customers. It's not for the faint of heart -- you'll need to slice and dice data that lives up to the 'big data' name, looking for key trends and patterns. You'll then need to use your resulting understanding of user behaviour to design experiences and features to increase user engagement, and be willing to put them to the test against real customers (and face the inevitable truth that most will fail).

Growth Hacking is multidisciplinary. The perfect fit is someone who can analyze analytics data (using SQL, Hive, Hadoop etc.), judge the success of complex experiments using statistical methods, and build models based on user behaviour (using R, PySci, Weka etc.) There is plenty of scope to improve our analytics infrastructure iteratively (using scripting, Unix skills) so we can answer deeper questions, and work effectively with a wide range of other disciplines. Of course, you might not have all of that today. If you're a great developer with an inclination towards data analysis and data-based decision making, or a star business analyst / product manager / data scientist with skills in data analysis and at least some scripting / coding chops, then we should talk.


  • Work with our seriously large volume of analytics data to understand trends and behaviours
  • Investigate and establish funnel and experience metrics to hold engineering and design teams accountable
  • Spread the love of the measure - build - measure - learn cycle within Atlassian

Required Skills:

  • Strong SQL experience 
  • Experience with statistical methods such as parametric and nonparametric significance testing
  • Analysis skills, including modelling and visualizing data

Other desirable experience that you may have include:

  • Scripting experience (shell, Perl, Python, etc.)
  • Experience with Hive, Hadoop or other Big Data frameworks
  • Development skills (Javascript, Java)
  • Experience with Machine Learning or Statistical Modelling (R, PySi, Weka etc.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Great eye and attention to detail
  • Sense of humor

This is what we look for in every Atlassian.

  • Get It Done (Initiative)
  • Think Like An Engineer (Analytical)
  • Be David, Not Goliath (Innovative)
  • There is No I in Culture (Teamwork)
  • You Are Our Ambassador (Communications)
  • Legendary Service (Customer Service)

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