Lead Data Analyst

Job Description

If you are passionate about analyzing business challenges through data, communicating findings, and driving positive change then Atlassian has a great opportunity for you. As a Lead Data Analyst your focus areas will be:

  • Serve as a company-level metric owner for customer issues in Support and uncover the leading data points to drive improvement
  • Coach senior and junior analysts through telling the big picture data story, ensuring statistical integrity, and development of measures for success of initiatives
  • Analyse a wide variety of data sources to understand and reduce customer effort in resolving their issues through self-serve and support expertise
  • Collaborate with Product & Operations teams across the globe to eliminate friction in Atlassian products and processes

To do this, you need to ask the right question (hypothesis) and employ the right analysis methodology to correctly test that hypothesis. Success here is predicated on the quality of the hypothesis being tested, the quality of the mathematical work, and effectively communicating the results of that finding in writing and orally to key stakeholders such as the executive team to ultimate scale our support model through new initiatives, changing investment strategies through prioritization, tooling development, etc. We are data-driven and we are collaborative.

Driving customer success in a wide variety of products, platforms, use-cases and through many sources of clean and dirty data requires a full understanding of the data ecosystem: how the source systems run, how the users engage with those systems, how system actions populate the data model inside the data warehouse, how we pull that information to the presentation layer for reporting, and how we can the use that information to drive change in Atlassian. 

In the strategic area of work you'll be fielding queries from the broader business such as Finance and product teams that require a good understanding of the underlying data model and how the business operates, and the ability to run high-quality SQL queries to help answer complex questions presented by the business or questions derived from your own good analysis. Data integrity is key. You need to become very familiar with the data, look for inconsistencies and work to produce trustworthy reports.

There are many presentation tools we use to share data with the organization (Tableau, redash, ggplot), backend systems to support very large datasets (Presto, Hive, S3), and programming methods and languages to connect them (R, Python, JAVA). Tableau expertise, creation of tables for it to consume, and the ability to development intuitive and compelling dashboards for business stakeholders to glean insights from is essential. 

More about you

You love driving big change through analytical insights, playing presenting data to large teams, and know how to tell a story through the insights you've discovered. You value high-quality work with attention to detail and have a track record of delivering both. You combine curiosity and persistence, and like asking "why" to unravel a seemingly complex problem and get to the root cause. You know how to gather, document, and interpret business requirements, and can resolve potential requirement conflicts among senior stakeholders with grace and clarity. 

When you encounter a problem you come up with multiple solutions, weigh the tradeoffs and efforts, identify the best path forward, and exercise good judgment to drive ahead. Most importantly you enjoy driving action based on data insight and you know how to make the data speak and be felt by your audience who sit across multiple levels of organization.

You can quickly learn and be impactful in new areas to keep pace with our rapid growth and evolution. You can take an ambiguous assignment and derive valuable insight. You use multiple tools and methods to find trends and correlations by mining data, and couple that with intuition and quick tests to prioritize how to unravel complicated problems.

Expertise in SQL and reporting / statistical tools will be essential to successfully deliver results. Some development ability to perform ETL will be valuable experience. You should understand the value and fundamental approaches of machine learning and be interested in developing your data skills further as we grow.

Direct and indirect leadership experience is highly valued. You'll be a thought-leader in how Atlassian uses billions of customer data points to drive clear action through metrics, improvement initiatives, and telling the customer story. Atlassian is growing fast. You'll need to grow as fast and help others grow as well.

This is what we look for in every Atlassian:

  • Get It Done (Initiative)
  • Think Like An Engineer (Analytical)
  • Be David, Not Goliath (Innovative)
  • There is No I in Culture (Teamwork)
  • You Are Our Ambassador (Communications)
  • Legendary Service (Customer Service)
  • Sense of humor (Fun)

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