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ATI Pathways - your path to a successful career!

Welcome to ATI Pathways, a paid program designed especially for you, the third-year physical therapy student on the cusp of a new career. ATI Pathways is designed to be your customized bridge from a practicing academic to an effective clinical professional who delivers consistent results for your patients. We recognize this time is the most important and often overlooked transition time for a graduating PT professional.

You have the education. Now, let ATI Pathways give you and your fellow colleagues hands-on, real world, clinical experience and mentorship in one of our locations. Your first several weeks of Pathways is comprised of four key learning and development elements:

  • Pre-clinical assignment - an in-depth training into ATI's industry-leading treatment model;
  • An overview of the profession, future of the physical therapy industry and your role;
  • Access to tools and resources to continually improve your skill level and the patient experience; and
  • Dedicated Board prep time with ATI industry experts, along with and financial and budgetary guidance.

After that, your first 12-month assignment will be in one of ATI's many growth markets where you will complete and fine tune your patient management skills. At the end of your 12-months, you have first choice in staying in your current location or moving to another opening within our network of 900 plus clinic locations, throughout 25 states.

We realize that ATI Pathways might not be for everyone - only for those that want to unleash their potential while expanding their practical knowledge in a paid learning and development program designed specifically for new professionals.

If this pathway sounds like a great start for your career, we'd love to hear from you. Fill out the short form below and an ATI Pathways representative will be in touch.

ATI Physical Therapy offers unmatched patient-centered care and evidence-based services in hundreds of communities and cities in 25 states.

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