Senior Software Engineer

For two decades, Asurion has led the technology protectionindustry around the globe. The Company provides premier support solutions toenable optimum use of technology; digital applications to protect their privacyand provide security; and rapid replacement of lost, stolen, damaged ormalfunctioning devices. Asurion partners with the leading wireless companies,retailers and service providers enabling them to focus on their businesses andto provide services that delight their customers. Asurion’s 14,000 employeesworldwide specialize in fulfilling the needs of more than 280 millionconsumers.

We value open source technologies, solve challenging andunique problems, and innovate quickly. We embrace continuous delivery and LeanStartup principles. We encouragecreativity from our engineers every step of the way, working with various teamsincluding product, user experience, call center operations, mobile and systems.Our teams are small enough to make fast decisions, yet our audience is largeenough that our work makes a tremendous impact.

Do you know how to write robust and reliable systems? Canyou ensure performance, quality and security aspects while delivering a productthat delivers an awesome user experience? Do you enjoy discussing innovativeideas with your peers, coming up with great product solutions and passing onyour knowledge to others frequently? We’re looking for developers who arepassionate about developing great software, have a love for solving hardproblems, and enjoy learning about new technology. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

As a Software Engineer 3 at Asurion, here’s what you canexpect to do:

  • Take on an opportunity that offers variety, innovation, andunique challenges, where you can learn something new every day
  • Think through hard problems, and work with a team to makethem reality and provide very tangible benefits to the corporation
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent,non-hierarchal, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a roletitle
  • Collaborate with the usability and design teams to defineprototypes of dynamic web pages and JavaScript components
  • Implement page designs in standards-compliant, dynamicHTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Write server-side code for web-based and SOA applications,create robust high-volume production applications, and develop prototypesquickly
  • Write automated functional tests for web pages
  • Automate deployment and management of our platform usingcloud technologies

Here’s what you’ll bring to the team:

  • At least 3 years (5 years is preferred) of experiencebuilding modern web applications
  • A passion for keeping the front-end lean and fast, whileensuring that all features are a pleasure to use
  • A passion for software architecture, and great experiencedesigning APIs that are a joy to use
  • Great OO skills, including strong design patterns knowledge
  • Experience in Java technologies, including Servlets andServlet containers, JDBC, JMS, JAXB, Java8 and modern tools to build RESTfulweb services
  • Good understanding of JavaScript and web technologies (e.g.jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap)
  • Good communication skills
  • A good understanding of Agile best practices and tools
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies such as AWS or Azure
  • Experience with Lean techniques is a big plus
  • A relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude

Meet Some of Asurion's Employees

Vincent P.

Senior Director, Innovation

Vincent analyzes each step of a customer’s journey to tweak processes and technology solutions. He considers the entire customer relationship, as well as how employees factor in.

Christy R.

Senior Manager, Technology Strategy & Business Operations

Christy serves as the internal consultant to the CIO. She handles special projects and strategic deep dives to assess internal operating success and future operational plans.

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