General Application

At Aspect Ventures, we work with founders to turn great ideas into lasting companies.

We're tech entrepreneurs and long-time investors, with 6 IPOs, 26 successful acquisitions, and tens of billions in public market cap between us.

We embody the culture of a startup - more like our companies than traditional venture. We get excited by real innovation versus trends or quick returns. We partner at the ground floor--seed or Series A--and work with founders through the entire arc of the company's growth.

We won't reflect a moment in time - we are constantly improving as we learn new things from our companies and each other. We are always looking for entrepreneurial talent to join our team. If this sounds like you, please send us your resume and a cover letter to tell us about yourself.

Meet Some of Aspect Ventures's Employees

Theresia G.


Theresia set out to create a firm that was focused partnering with entrepreneurs who are running early stage companies. The firm is designed with this in mind.

Lauren K.


Lauren leads or co-leads Seed and Series A investments as a member of the Investing Team. She initiates and carries out partnerships that match what Aspect Ventures believes in.

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