Software Engineer, UI

At Asana, we’re building collaboration & communication software to help every team in the world become more effective in working together and in enacting a shared vision.
As a User Interface Engineer, you’ll work with seasoned Product Designers, Product Managers and your world-class Engineering peers. You will focus on delighting users with both large new features and (thanks to our continuous deployment architecture) daily small product enhancements.
Our web application is built with quality in mind. We use React to provide immediate responsiveness on top of our sophisticated graph-based query system. The codebase is written in TypeScript, to provide strong guarantees of correctness, and we are leaders in the TypeScript open source community. We strive to have our technical components reflect our design metaphors (and vice versa!), to allow for rapid prototyping, development, and iteration.

Core Responsibilities

  • Build small features independently and large ones collaboratively
  • Participate in the design process of every feature you work on, from brainstorming to prototyping to reviews and polish
  • Measure and analyze the impact of your changes through A/B testing and user research
  • Ensure a consistent user experience by standardizing UI components
  • Leave the codebase cleaner and better tested than you found it
  • Drive technology decisions around how we rapidly build better UIs 


  • Are passionate about the details that matter
  • Are thoughtful about quality, both in your product design and codebase
  • Are knowledgeable of software design patterns and data structures
  • Are inquisitive with an intrinsic drive to learn and improve
  • Have 2+ Years Experience 
  • Must have knowledge of React
  • Care deeply about helping all teams collaborate more effectively

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