Security Engineer

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At Asana, we’re building collaboration & communication software to help every team in the world become more effective in working together and in realizing their visions.

As a security engineer, you’ll build and operate software to make Asana more secure, scalable, and fast. Asana is trusted by enterprises with critical business data, so our security team ensures that our apps, internal services, and infrastructure are secure and that our customer data are safe.

You will be responsible for:

  • finding and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • developing processes, code, or systems that mitigate and prevent those vulnerabilities
  • helping teams working on our newest features and technologies to ensure that they are secure
  • working with researchers through our


  • are skilled in one or more specialties in security including:
  • infrastructure/networking
  • web applications
  • mobile
  • denial of service
  • abuse prevention
  • intrustion detection and response
  • cryptography
  • are creatively paranoid
  • are able to balance diverse risks when making decisions
  • are patient and meticulous with machines and people

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in this job. If you’d like to learn more about what we do—and the way we think—we recommend these links.


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