Justin Rosenstein’s Chief of Staff

Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana, is looking for a Chief of Staff to partner with him to bring his visions to life by making him maximally effective. You will work directly with Justin, taking on many of his responsibilities and making them your own—contributing to setting and achieving Asana objectives and his goals, all with mindfulness and a bias towards action. Your responsibilities will span his work with Asana (you’ll work closely with his executive assistant, Julia), and will assist in his role as a philanthropist and beyond. You will be employed by Asana.

Justin has committed his life to helping create a more beautiful world by working on several large, ambitious projects toward that end. He’s the co-founder of Asana and previously co-invented Facebook Pages, the Facebook Like Button, Google Drive, and Gmail Chat. He’s keynoted major conferences including TechCrunch Disrupt, was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list twice, founded a 15-person intentional community in San Francisco, and is active as an investor, advisor, and philanthropist.


Together, you and Justin will partner on leading and executing:

  • Asana, a 250+-person company, most recently valued at $600M, that helps 15K+ organizations (including Uber, TED, IDEO, and the Malala Fund) to more effectively achieve their goals. Asana’s mission is to enable all teams to work together effortlessly. Customers already report an average of 45% increase in effectiveness from adopting Asana, and we’re just getting started. Asana-related work will be the majority of the role, spanning projects across product, marketing, PR, management, recruiting, internal communications, and culture.
  • “Thought leadership.” Justin is a regular writer (an author of Wavelength, a LinkedIn Influencer, and a contributor to publications like Wired, FastCompany, and TIME) and speaker. You will help extend his communication strategy and help him share ideas with the world related to purpose-driven work, effective leadership, productivity, and systemic change.
  • Beyond Asana. One Project, an initiative to align humanity’s resources with humanity’s values; Agapolis, a project to turn a newly-purchased 22-acre Bay Area nature property into a think tank and model for sustainable, intergenerational community; and more!


  • Goals: Facilitate goal-setting processes for JR to set and prioritize goals spanning Asana and other endeavours, and ensure that they are communicated to the relevant people and actioned. Occasionally, you will take on and own entire projects.
  • Information: synthesizing information from Justin’s inbox, tasks, and meetings into executive summaries to prioritize and action the most leveraged items
  • Decision-making: with an understanding of all of his responsibilities and goals, you will often make decisions on Justin’s behalf
  • Meetings: prep Justin for meetings and attend in his place, when appropriate
  • Actionable Research: researching topics ranging from finding contractors and advisors to understanding new methods of effectiveness, as well as completing research, such as minor due diligence and market research
  • Justin’s email: managing his email accounts, synthesizing information from email for high-level overviews, prioritizing email by responding or flagging for JR to respond, and drafting emails when necessary.
  • Content: write and edit for social media, long form, emails, and any other writing needs, as well as implement an effective, cost-efficient video production process
  • Process: implement processes to improve effectiveness, e.g. playbooks for common activities such as conference prep
  • Justin’s time: research and implement best practices on time management and leadership from thought and industry leaders


  • 5-7 years’ experience in a comparable role
  • Tech industry experience
  • Mission aligned
  • Extremely good communication and people skills
  • Strong judgment
  • Engaged and proactive
  • Strategic, visionary, and detail-oriented
  • Ability to see an opportunity and take action, operating in a chaotic environment and marshalling resources, all with high ambiguity
  • Excellent understanding of the big picture, ability to extract the most important information
  • Skilled writer
  • Fast learner


  • Desire to stay in role for a long time
  • Product experience
  • Love of writing
  • Business acumen and experience
  • Experience managing programs and/or people
  • Flexible schedule


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