Inside Sales Representative

Asana’s freemium product model and disciplined sales approach enables us to build a user-driven marketing and sales engine that can grow very large. We have experience at the forefront of bottom-up enterprise and business software sales: helping many small successful customers evolve into larger, successful customers. As a member of our growing sales group, you will be instrumental in defining, testing, and growing a sales model that balances efficiency for Asana and long-term success for our customers. Then, as a key voice of the customer to the product team, you will identify and help overcome technical, educational, and competitive obstacles to our continued growth.


  • 2+ years in an inside sales role in a B2B SaaS company
  • A storyteller, who’s comfortable presenting a company and product to anyone in any setting
  • Impeccable customer skills: communication, empathy, integrity
  • Instinctually recognizes organizational, financial and behavioral structures and obstacles in companies of any size
  • Adept at working with marketing, business, and product teams to find efficient paths to successful and profitable customers
  • Able to be an equal advocate for the user and the company in overcoming obstacles


  • Knowledge of SaaS pricing/packaging models and software/SaaS buying behaviors.
  • Experience in the early days of a successful software or SaaS sales organization as it grew
  • Organized and analytical, able to identify and eliminate sales and product obstacles creatively and quickly
  • Experience with various productivity software products


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