Global Head of Sales

Asana’s mission is to make teamwork effortless. We are using a freemium product model and a leveraged approach to sales to build a business that grows very quickly. We are looking for an experienced Sales leader to take our sales model and expand it, and our revenues, by an order of magnitude.

We believe strongly in the power of a user-driven (bottom-up) B2B sales model. We will be equally skilled selling to small businesses and very large enterprises. Through a coordinate blend of no-touch, low-touch, and high-touch sales motions, we will serve every business segment in every region. We are looking for a sales leader who understands these sales motions and can build high-performing teams aligned to this approach.

We also believe in the power of one company culture. Our sales teams will be peers in our mission, with a leader who manifests our values every day.


  • 8+ years of sales leadership experience in B2B or enterprise SaaS
  • You’re a student of sales models, from self-service to inside sales to field sales
  • Experience hiring and growing sales teams from a single office to a global sales force
  • Scaled an inside sales model to tens of millions of ARR, fueled by marketing or product-based leadgen engine
  • Built teams that target global customers across multiple segments, from small business to large enterprises
  • You’re analytical and are driven by the numbers – you can cite current values and trends for MTD MRR, rep productivity, ACV, at any moment
  • Comfortable leading a high-volume, low ACV sales model
  • You are very committed to leverage, and treasure rep productivity
  • You are tools-savvy. You see the value of automation & technology, and plan ahead of sales needs
  • You are not happy with the “typical” sales culture of enterprise software. You understand how to build a sales culture that is both high-performing, and consistent with a strong corporate culture
  • You are comfortable experimenting with compensation models, and the behaviors and hiring choices it drives. You believe there’s a way to optimize performance and culture at the same time
  • You have impeccable customer skills: communication, empathy, integrity
  • You enjoy working with your peers in the marketing, customer operations and product teams to find efficient paths to successful and profitable customers


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