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Our platform team is looking for an integrations engineer to join our growing team. As an integrations engineer, your mission is to help teams become super effective at tracking all their work by linking Asana to the specialized tools they use to get things done. Teams need rich integrations between Asana and their other tools, so that no details are lost,, key information is where people need it to be, and everyone knows who's doing what, by when.

You'll be building apps that use the Asana platform and connecting it with best-in-class services like GitHub and Salesforce. You'll explore new ways for Asana to interact with the next generation of team chat apps. Your work will support key partnerships and be featured on big launch days for companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. You'll be an expert on the power of the Asana platform.

One day you may be working on adding a new type of app to our portfolio in a way that's easy to maintain and scale. The next you may be collaborating with product engineers to keep our code and design in sync, to provide a seamless experience for users and a low-friction environment for all engineers. Our engineers identify as full-stack generalists, and the craftsmanship of product development is deep in Asana's soul. Always leave the code better than you found it.

You're not just a coder. You'll be part of the entire product process, from conception (be it at a hackathon or during Roadmap Week) to post-launch reflection. You have deep empathy for both your coworkers and your users to understand how you can collaborate to help others work better together.


  • Passion for creating a superlative user experience, down to the little details that matter
  • Sound judgment for balancing between scrappiness and long-term code maintainability
  • Ability to quickly learn new languages, libraries, and patterns


  • Possess knowledge of principles, frameworks, and tools for building a scalable web stack
  • Can efficiently absorb an API and build to it
  • Care deeply about helping all teams collaborate more effectively
  • Enjoy easily implementing HTML/CSS prototypes based on mocks
  • Derive joy from abstracting and refactoring

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Tyson K.

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By designing features across Asana's mobile and web platforms, Tyson helps Asana stay deliberate about creating a product that revolutionizes the way teams work together.

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