Engineering Program Manager - Passive, Electromechanical & Connectors

Engineering Program Manager - Passive, Electromechanical & Connectors

Job Description:
About the job:

You will join the PEMCO (passive, electromechanical &connectors) Engineering Solution Centre made up of around 40 engineers working on innovative solutions. On a daily basis you will interact with vendors and customers in different countries to enhance and develop our PEMCO solutions and IoT activities.

Your role will focus on:

  • Keeping up with latest technologies/trends through self-education and supplier trainings.
  • Monitoring and maintain queue management system for new requests.
  • Gathering all required information and developing appropriate solution/answer.
  • Communicating with Arrow Field Sales and Application Engineering team regularly to create and strengthen relationship.
  • Increasing Arrow's share in customer designs by providing technologies / solutions in the particular area of responsibility, in conjunction with Arrow's semiconductor portfolio.
  • Driving link-selling approaches (define appropriate components and technologies, build and maintain cross-selling tools for Arrow field people, visualize resulting benefits).

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experienced engineer with background in electro mechanics and connectors field and good written and spoken communication skills in English. We are also looking for people who are naturally empathetic, eager to share their ideas and determined to solve problems, so analytical skills and attention to detail are also desired.

Your experience and skills:
  • Typically requires 5 years of experience, ideally as hardware developer, at least in one of the following areas:
    • Power Applications (AC-DC, Motor Control, Frequency Inverters, etc.)
    • Digital / Microcontrollers / Processors
    • Analog / Signal Chain / Power Management
    • Embedded Software / Development Services
    • Passive and Electromechanical Components (PEMCO)
  • Experience with embedded systems based on active, passive and electromechanical components
  • Capability to communicate using a wide range of communication tools (phone, email, presentations, chat, queue management system...)
  • Capability to explain tough coherences in an easy, short and clear way
  • English, fluent in speech and writing


Time Type:
Full time

Job Category:
Customer Facing/Supplier Facing

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