Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

As an Engineer on the Client Side Tech team, you will have the opportunity to quickly see the impact of your contributions to our clients and end users. Work with a team of Engineers to solve problems that face online publishers in a variety of areas. Our clients rely on our front-end applications and tag management to easily operate and expand their businesses, efficiently buying and selling online advertising inventory. Our AST (AppNexus Seller Tag) is a premium tag offering for delivering digital media to publishers and connects directly into our Console buy and sell exchange, which handles billions of transactions daily. Get a chance to contribute as well to our open source project, Prebid.js, which we maintain actively supporting a large user base of publishers. Front end development is a strong focus of the role, but you should also be familiar with working on at least one backend language.

Consider some of the problems you will try to solve:

  • Tag Management: Design and build front-end content delivery systems that can be executed and rendered in any Internet connected device. Work with technology that touches a wide percentage of overall Internet traffic. Use responsive web design principles and best practices.
  • Scaling Open Source: Contributing to a growing open source project and leverage the community to continue growing and scaling the project while increases quality and bringing innovative features to market.
  • Prototype to Production: As a bold company where Engineers work right alongside Product Managers, we go from iterating & validating a new concept with beta customers to developing it into production-quality code. Our challenge is to create new interfaces that are intuitive for first-time users and arm them with the capabilities they need to control the micro details of their businesses
  • Interative UI: Build engaging user interfaces that are responsible for controlling how content and media are built, packaged and delivered to online properties.

About the job:

  • Design and implement new features of our core ad tagging solutions while contributing high quality code using JavaScript, Python, Shell Script.
  • Plan and design for scalable solutions to problems facing Publishers, including front end APIs and back end scripting.
  • Participate in planning sessions with product management and engineering team leads to produce feature requirements and specifications.
  • Bring innovation to the team in new features, improving build processes and product development lifecycle.
  • Participate in code review sessions and provide feedback to increase code efficiency, maintainability and robustness.
  • Support and debug production level issues and provide fixes in a timely manner
  • Write unit test and increase total project test coverage percentages
  • Mentor junior engineers on best practices in software development

About your skills:

  • BS degree in computer science or related field and 5+ years of proven web front-end/full stack development experience.
  • Strong knowledge of and an interest in JavaScript, Node.js and experience with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, React.js, and backbone.js
  • Thorough understanding and work experience in any back end language, such as Java, Scala, Python, PHP
  • Demonstrated skill in designing and architecting large systems
  • Knowledge of computer science fundamentals: Object-Oriented programming, design patterns and asynchronous and event-driven development
  • Knowledge of RESTful Web services
  • Familiar with using test driven development methodology
  • Ability to work independently and make use of your time effectively
  • Strong fundamental understanding of generalized architecture patterns and service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Experience using debuggers, profiles and other development tools

More about you:

  • You are passionate about a culture of learning and teaching. You love challenging yourself to constantly improve, and sharing your knowledge to empower others
  • You value quality over quantity in producing robust software
  • You care about solving big, systemic problems. You look beyond the surface to understand root causes so that you can build long-term solutions for the whole ecosystem
  • You believe in not only serving customers, but also empowering them by providing knowledge and tools

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