Xcode Build Systems Engineer

1 month agoCupertino, CA


Posted: Apr 17, 2020

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 200166197

Do you want to improve developer tools used by millions of people? Our team's mission is to develop the build system technology in Xcode that will make creating software fast, fun, and accessible to everyone. We have a track record of building elegant systems to solve difficult problems, including Xcode's new, modern build system written entirely in Swift. If you enjoy working on complex problems in a clear and testable codebase, our collaborative team could be right for you. We believe that every engineer brings unique skills and perspective. Far more than any specific experience or skill, we are looking for engineers who want to build great software, learn and develop their skills, and ultimately enable others to develop amazing applications.

Key Qualifications

  • Clear, maintainable, and testable coding practices.
  • Experience writing concurrent and asynchronous code.
  • Positive and respectful attitude in a diverse environment.
  • Strong interest in building great developer tools.


In this role your focus will be on developing Xcode's core build technologies. Xcode's Swift-based build system provides the foundation for improving build times and making complicated configuration problems clear. Your improvements will save countless hours of productivity for developers around the world. You'll also develop key pieces of the Xcode support for exciting new features and Apple products, directly enabling us to deliver surprise and delight to people around the world. And you'll have the opportunity to inspire changes across the developer tools, with a particular focus on how software can be configured and built. You'll be most successful here as a flexible and proactive engineer who thrives in a supportive, respectful, and balanced work environment with interesting and challenging problems to tackle. You have excellent judgement and integrity with the ability to make timely and sound decisions. You know how to drive constructive discussion of design points, learn from your team, and use your experience to advocate and teach others. In your role as an engineer on the Xcode team, your primary development environment will be the Xcode IDE. You will: • Spend a majority of your time programming in Swift. • Collaborate with your teammates through git pull requests, in-person conversations, and Slack. • Develop new features, fix interesting bugs, write tests, and review your teammates' code. • Develop expertise and be given ownership over components critical to Apple's success. • Prioritize and schedule issues, estimate scope of work, and investigate new issue reports in your areas of responsibility. • Make customer-focused product design decisions with your teammates and drive what really matters. • Be able to directly improve your own development environment with a team who can turn your ideas into reality. • Provide technical guidance, software architectural review, and mentorship. • Have access to the engineers who create Apple's full technology, tools, and operating systems stack. You'll join a small and focused team, but also work closely with the larger developer tools organization colocated with us. Here you'll find that we: • Strongly value the security and privacy of our users. • Have a wide range of experience, from engineers who've just joined to those who've thrived at Apple their whole careers. • Provide a peaceful work environment where you can choose when to socialize and when to close your office door and focus. • Have an encouraging and growth-focused workplace culture. • Reliably ship our work and don't have redundant projects or competing teams. • Value integrity and respect for others, and take the safety and comfort of our employees seriously. • Encourage you to use accrued vacation time and maintain a healthy work-life balance. • Offer excellent benefits.

Education & Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200166197

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