Wireless SoC Firmware Development Manager

3+ months agoCupertino, CA


Posted: Nov 13, 2020

Role Number: 200207341

In this leadership role, you will be responsible for leading a wireless SoC firmware engineering organization to enable state-of-the-art wireless silicon for application in Apple's products.

Key Qualifications

  • At least 10 years of industry experience in wireless SoC firmware engineering.
  • At least 5 years of engineering management experience, including prior leadership of wireless firmware team(s) with a strong high-volume production track record.
  • Extensive technical background in one or more of the following:
  • Strong embedded SW fundamentals, including knowledge of design and development flows, real-time constraints, concurrency, and multi-processor systems, caching and virtual memory.
  • Familiarity with low-level hardware interfaces, register and interrupt programming, bare-metal software development, clock and power management.
  • Experience with configuration and release management, continuous integration, and regression testing.
  • Knowledge of design strategies for maintainability, scalability, and code reuse.
  • Understanding of wireless systems, MAC and PHY layer operations, digital signal processing, Tx/Rx performance metrics, regulatory constraints, and coexistence issues.
  • Experience with WiFi, Bluetooth, or similar wireless technologies.
  • HW/SW architecture and design partitioning, CPU selection, memory estimation, and requirements analysis.
  • Experience leading large and complex projects, including feature planning, resource allocation, status tracking, and issue triage and reporting.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including experience managing teams.
  • Excellent communications skills - both written and oral.
  • Experience with executive communication is a plus.


Leadership of the Wireless SoC Firmware Engineering team responsible for PHY and MAC layer firmware supporting new wireless silicon for future Apple products. Manage the firmware team, taking full responsibility for all aspects of the design and development process, validation, planning, and communication with senior management. Develop highly efficient designs delivering best-in-class performance, while minimizing power and memory footprint for custom wireless silicon solutions in complex SoCs and product platforms. Drive effective workflows to enable rapid feature development without sacrificing quality and stability, including release management, continuous integration, and regression testing. Collaborate with PHY, MAC, and Digital design teams to develop efficient hardware architectures and optimal HW/SW partitioning, and drive tightly constrained memory budgets and latency analysis. Work with Radio, PHY and MAC Systems engineering teams to architect, define and implement innovative algorithms, calibrations, and protocols. Support pre-silicon validation efforts, including simulation, emulation, and FPGA prototyping. Develop SoC test and calibration capabilities for ATE, module, and product factories. Work with system SW teams, supporting full system integration, overall SW architecture, coexistence, and interactions between related subsystems. Support post-silicon validation, performance characterization, system integration and debug. Architect modular solutions that promote reusability and maintainability across products and SoCs.

Education & Experience

MSEE or PH.D. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

Additional Requirements