Voice Producer (Text-To-Speech)


Posted: Jun 20, 2019

Role Number: 200068399

Play a part in the next evolution of human-computer interaction. Contribute to the advancement of groundbreaking technology in spoken language, user interfaces, and artificial intelligence. Help shape the way millions of people get things done on a daily basis. Join the Text-To-Speech Production team at Apple. Apple's Los Angeles-based TTS Production team is looking for an exceptionally skilled and creative producer eager to get involved with improving the customer experience of interacting with computer systems and devices.

Key Qualifications

  • 7 or more years of experience producing/directing for widely released television/film/radio projects or advertisements.
  • Familiarity with budgeting, line producing, and hiring crew for full-scale productions
  • Experience with casting, directing, and managing relationships with talent
  • Previous relationships with production and post-production houses, in California or around the world
  • Ability to travel both within and outside of the US, possibly multiple times a year
  • Knowledge of phonetics/linguistics, an understanding of standard phonetic alphabets
  • Fluency in a language not including US English
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages.


You will join a team that is responsible for building and overseeing synthesized voices used in many growing areas of the customer experience at Apple. You will help define the characteristics of new synthesized voices and follow their creation from inception to customer delivery. We are looking for a Voice Producer that has both extensive experience in directing and producing as well as the ability to utilize computer programs and systems in order to efficiently interact with technical and engineering teams. Because you will be working closely with directors, producers, and voice talent as well as engineers from a number of other teams at Apple, you are a teammate who thrives in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities.

Education & Experience

M.A. in Media Production, Linguistics or related field; or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements

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