UX Writer, Partner Experiences


Posted: May 9, 2019

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 57326794

We're looking for an experienced UX writer who is enthusiastic about user experience design and wants to help shape the development of how we interact with our partners You'll be writing for new partner-facing features, as well as maintaining existing user interface copy. You'll primarily work alongside designers and business teams, collaborating to create amazing user experiences. You'll also team with engineers, marketers, and others to ensure a successful product for both our business and our customers.

Key Qualifications

  • A passion for language and for creating elegant user experiences
  • Significant experience working with UX copy
  • A deep understanding of UX and how copy and design support each other
  • Ability to find the best & shortest way to clearly communicate an idea
  • Experience following a style guide
  • Comfort with SVN and working in prerelease builds
  • An outgoing and confident personality
  • Ability to lead several complex projects simultaneously
  • Experience meeting deadlines
  • Confident in asking questions and tracking down answers
  • Strong sense of initiative and follow-through
  • Utmost attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of iOS, OS X, Excel, Word, and Pages Sketch or other design tools
  • Experience with wireframes or functional specs


We're looking for an experienced UX Writer who is enthusiastic about user experience design. We work every day to create products that enrich people's lives. Often these experiences rely heavily on our relationships with partners such as developers, artists and authors. You love words and language, and have strong feelings about style, grammar, tone, and voice. The only thing that rivals your passion for language is your passion for great user experiences. Bad user interface sticks out like a sore thumb to you, and you find yourself brainstorming better experiences for products you use. You're an advocate for clean, alluring UI, and you champion writing and design that supports both the content and the user. You have years of experience living and breathing UX, and have held positions as a UX Writer, UX Designer, Information Architect, Content Strategist, or something similar. You can immediately identify holes in a user flow, and maybe even have some experience creating functional specs or wireframes. You're familiar with Apple products, and are a regular user of AppleTV, Apple Music, iTunes, and the App Store. You're a music and media enthusiast, and love keeping up with pop culture. You enjoy working through the details of complex problems, love logic puzzles, and relish the challenge of untying impossible knots.You're good at following a process, but flexible enough to recognize when you just need to get the job done regardless of process. You enjoy being in the thick of things, handling multiple projects and tasks at once, and know how to effectively lead your time and prioritize your projects. You are good at identifying what information is needed to do your job, and are not shy about working closely with people you don't know yet to get the answers. You take initiative and feel a strong sense of ownership, not just for your deliverables, but for the quality of the entire product. You're confident inserting yourself into discussions that are important to your work, and if you don't see a metaphorical seat at the table, you pull one up without hesitation. You enjoy working with both introverts and strong personalities, technical and detail-oriented people as well as big thinkers, third party partners, business owners, and creative types. The thought of establishing working relationships with executives, marketers, producers, engineers, designers, project managers, and other cross functional teams-and helping consolidate their differing feedback to create stunning and professional features and products-excites and motivates you. Most of all, you're enthusiastic about seeing where Apple's services are headed and eager to help write an amazing user experience for people around the world.

Education & Experience

BA or higher or degree in human interaction sociology, psychology, interaction design, visual design, interactive copywriting, or equivalent.

Additional Requirements

  • Creative Portfolio and/or writing samples required.

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