System Software Engineer

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Feb 27, 2020

Role Number: 200155234

The Technology Development Group is looking for a talented engineer with experience architecting and developing system software. Do you have a passion for building secure products and protecting customer data? Are you ready to apply your skills to solving new and exciting problems? A core principle at Apple is maintaining product security and customer privacy. In this role, you will have the opportunity to extend that principle to exciting new products and technologies.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience developing system software and experience with daemon and library development
  • Experience with Objective-C or Swift
  • Experience with parallelism, event-based programming, interprocess communication
  • Familiarity with secure coding practices and handling untrusted data
  • The ability to work cross-functionally and collaborate with many teams
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical thinking skills
  • A strong focus on the end customer experience


We are a small team that build security solutions, and are looking for a strong systems engineer to build out a security solution. You should have a proven track record of designing and developing testable, maintainable software. You will be working with teams across the organization to craft clear APIs and implement a performant, reliable, secure system. If you have the right skillset, you could have a significant impact in the Technology Development Group at Apple.

Education & Experience

BS in Computer Science / BA in Digital Media / Equivalent industry experience

Additional Requirements

  • Experience in prototyping for new user experiences
  • Interest or proficiency in UI/UX design Experience shipping cross-platform applications
  • Proficiency in procedural content generation Deep understanding of 3D math and geometry
  • Experience in scripting interactive user experiences

Working at Apple means doing more than you ever thought possible and having more impact than you ever imagined.

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