Software Engineer - Technology Development Group (Tdg)

3+ months agoCupertino, CA


Posted: Nov 20, 2020

Role Number: 200208686

The Technology Development Group is looking for help to drive breakthrough developments in augmented reality. We are on the lookout for people who are passionate about rendering and optimization to help power future revolutionary Apple devices. Now is a great opportunity for you to join and work at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics using state of the art techniques, profiling performance and optimizing frameworks across the Apple ecosystem. Your role will be as a highly motivated graphics engineer working with both algorithms and rendering to blur the line between real and virtual content. Come help with hands-on work in a small innovative team and be part of building the next big thing! To succeed within this role, you should have shown experience in several of the following areas:

Key Qualifications

  • Computer Graphics or Computer Vision background
  • Solid mathematical foundation in linear algebra
  • Strong proficiency in C and/or C++ writing clean and well structured code
  • Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Understanding of SW/HW parallelism, threads, processes and asynchronous processing
  • Experience in GPU/GPGPU or DSP programming
  • Experience using Apple frameworks working with video/image processing, GPU or
  • ML Applications
  • Experience in low-level performance optimizations
  • Passion for delivering high quality software to end-users
  • Strong interest in computer vision and/or machine learning problems
  • Self-motivated with proven ability to effectively prioritize and deliver tasks on schedule
  • Excellent communication and experience working with cross-functional teams


We are the Technology Development Group that is responsible for many of the key algorithms in ARKit and beyond. We are looking for talented engineers who are passionate about building products for millions of customers around the world. You'll be working on cutting-edge technology to integrate state-of-the-art algorithms that enable a high-quality user experience across a range of tentpole use cases and applications. As a part of our team, you will closely collaborate with software and hardware engineers across different development teams (e.g. camera engineering, drivers/OS, computer vision & graphics, software frameworks, etc). Your responsibilities will include designing and maintaining APIs, benchmarking and improving performance, refining implementations and delivering high-quality production code. You will also contribute to unit tests, code-reviews, as well as architectural reviews.

Education & Experience

Master of Science or Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or similar field, and 2 years of industry experience with a track record of successful projects.

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200208686