Senior Wireless Phy Systems & Simulation Engineer

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Apr 7, 2020

Role Number: 200163860

As a Wireless Phy Systems & Simulation Engineer, you will be a core member of our highly innovative and visible Wireless System-on-Chip (SoC) design team that defines modem architectures, develops physical-layer algorithms, and invents embedded DSP algorithms for chips enabling exciting new wireless applications. One emphasis of your specific role will be end-to-end simulation of sophisticated systems, modeling components from a multitude of signal processing disciplines including propagation channel modeling, RF/antenna abstractions, PHY & MAC protocols and algorithms, and sensor fusion schemes to fuse wireless and non-wireless metrics. Application areas include ultra-wideband sensing and specialized wireless audio; products enabled or enhanced by our team's SoC's include specialized audio headsets (such as AirPods) and iPhones.

Key Qualifications

  • Typically at least ~7 years of expertise in Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, and wireless chip development
  • Solid grasp of complex wireless systems with strong capability to comprehend dependencies between system components and protocol layers and their interactions
  • Extensive hands-on SW programming skills for modeling and simulation of sophisticated systems from RF/PHY layer signals and channel modeling all the way to MAC protocol/networking simulations; corresponding proficiency with Matlab/C/C++ required
  • Experience with handling and processing large amounts of field and simulation data, including user-friendly visualization of complex test setups and simulation results, including measurement accuracies, system latencies, etc.
  • Some familiarity with common analog/RF impairments encountered in wireless systems
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of industry standards such as Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband, GPS, and/or other wireless protocols
  • Some experience in IMU and/or camera/image signal processing, and/or some prior engagements in standards organizations or industry consortia are strong pluses


Work closely with other PHY systems and algorithm engineers, analog and digital designers, FW & SW Engineers in above areas to invent/derive, simulate, implement, verify and test physical layer features, to make new chips and enable a variety of novel applications in the portable & wearable consumer electronics space Collaborate with cross-functional teams to model, simulate, and visualize the performance of complex systems from user movement, wireless propagation models, and RF/antenna behavior, via PHY/MAC protocols and associated signal processing mechanisms, all the way to simulating inertial sensor fusion processing

Education & Experience

Ph.D. or MSEE with focus on Dig. Comm's & Signal Proc., or equivalent

Additional Requirements

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