Senior Video Standards Engineer

3+ months agoCupertino, CA


Posted: May 13, 2021

Role Number: 200109105

Do you want to craft the future of technology? Does crafting the future of multimedia appeal to you? Apple's Multimedia Engineering Team is looking for a video standards engineer who will represent the voice of Apple Multimedia in standards bodies around the world. In this role, you will join a small team that is responsible for Apple engagement with bodies including the Alliance for Open Media (AOM), ITU, MPEG, 3GPP, and others. You will collaborate with teams inside Apple and engage with international standards groups on video standards.

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledgeable in video compression and the multimedia field;
  • Specialist in practical software development, and able to write, maintain, and curate large code-bases, e.g. of reference software (C, C++);
  • Good knowledge of the development of international standards, especially those pertaining to video/multimedia compression. Experience in developing sophisticated video compression technologies such as MPEG-4 AVC, HEVC, VVC, or AOMedia AV1 helpful. Track record of effective participation.
  • Experienced in key multimedia specifications from AOM, ISO, ITU, SMPTE, etc.
  • Able to develop, analyze, propose, and refine new algorithms and techniques; help develop Apple's intellectual property position with inventions and filings.
  • Aware of the interaction of intellectual property and standards, and able to craft effective strategies that respect the rules.
  • Writing, speaking, presentation, and other interpersonal skills are excellent.
  • Standout colleague, able to connect with affected groups across the company, be a valued partner and strong collaborator, and synthesize the best ideas into a coherent position.
  • Excellent judgment and integrity with the ability to make timely and sound decisions.
  • Self-motivated and proactive with validated creative and critical thinking capabilities.
  • Can prioritize, drive, and supervise initiatives every day;
  • Familiar with software development tools including XCode, Git, etc.
  • Hardworking and dedicated to your job. You are committed to Apple's vision and to advancing the state of the multimedia industry.


As a video standardization engineer, you will be a member of a team that represents Apple in the international standards community, providing a clear position on our analysis of ongoing standards, refining and commenting on work in progress, proposing and driving to completion Apple initiatives, and in general steering the work to develop the field in line with Apple's vision and values. You will be a member of the team that represents Apple at calls and meetings, integrating the feedback of the Apple community on the ongoing work and representing that at the meetings. You will engage with the standards bodies and also be part of that larger team, helping curate reference models. This includes primarily the Alliance for Open Media standards, particularly upcoming standards such as AV2, and other bodies including MPEG, 3GPP, ITU etc. as needed. You will serve as a member of the multimedia team at Apple, advising the rest of the company on standards and developing standards, and you will link your colleagues with appropriate resources.

Education & Experience

B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200109105