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Posted: Jun 1, 2020

Role Number: 200120435

Our Engineering PCB team takes pride in supporting board designs for Electrical Engineering teams at Apple. We are seeking a dynamic, motivated individual with an understanding of printed circuit board design (PCB), high speed design environments, and the ability to collaborate with our design engineers to build complex boards. We believe in technology enablement by collaboration and building extraordinary products at Apple.

Key Qualifications

  • Collaborating with engineers and design teams in the design and development of complex, detailed layouts of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards using CAE and CAD applications and tools. You would work with multiple design teams to plan schedules, resolve costs, packaging, manufacturing, and electrical design issues. Dedicated in implementing new PCB technologies and processes.


Study PCB design trends and processes, and then evaluate and implement those processes that apply to Apple's core technologies. Conduct design feasibility studies to evaluate the PCB design goals for packaging, cost, manufacturing and system performance. Propose PCB design trade-offs to the engineering design team for resolution and implementation. Perform complex and difficult CAD and CAE tasks requiring extensive skill and knowledge of equipment capabilities, applications techniques and design limitations. Understand Apple's design standards for Manufacturing and Test. Understands the requirements for a quality design and strives to achieve the requirements before releasing the product to manufacturing. Understands the driving PCB technology and process trends and their application to Apple's designs. Maintain technical coordination with Engineering, Products Design, Test, EMC Engineering and Manufacturing. Participates in the evolution and definition of Apple's Design For Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines. Participate and provide recommendations into the PCB design specifications and standards with respect to product design, electrical design, manufacturing and various regulatory agency requirements to figure out design trade-offs necessary to meet design goals and produce high quality PCB's at the lowest cost and within schedule.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements

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