Operations Analyst


Posted: Dec 6, 2019

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 200078617

Come and join the 3D Vision team! We're looking for a talented and passionate person to join this amazing team...if you feel this is you, we'd love to hear from you. You will embark on a challenging role within Apple Maps. Your role involves knowledge of complex systems and high-level problem solving in a dynamic, multi-functional production environment. Bring passion and dedication, there's no telling what you could accomplish.

Key Qualifications

  • General work experience 1+ years
  • Proficiency with Software integration and automation
  • Experience working in unix-like environments
  • Experience working under demanding deadlines
  • Strong communicator and teammate
  • Proficient with Python, and scripting abilities
  • Ability to work with multiple teams in a cross-functional environment
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering/Math/Physics is a merit


Tracking of data collection and production pipeline Improving and automating our production process Processing of collected data Troubleshooting hardware problems Addressing data collection integrity

Education & Experience

Advanced Technical degree

Additional Requirements

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