Lead Software Engineer - System Performance


Posted: Aug 20, 2019

Role Number: 200093153

Apple is seeking a software engineering lead for system performance. The candidate would be responsible for leading a cross-functional systems performance effort for autonomous systems, examining aspects of hardware resource utilization (cpu, ram, i/o) and end-to-end processing latency.

Key Qualifications

  • To succeed within this role, the candidate must have solid experience in several of the following areas:
  • - Real time, multithreaded systems
  • - System performance introspection and analysis tools (Instruments, ktrace, dtrace)
  • - Systems engineering and architectures in the context of distributed embedded systems
  • - Excellent communication skills, both oral and written


The team is responsible for: - First-line triage/analysis of system performance issues - Coordinating development of dashboards to monitor system performance based on collected data - Implementing and evangelizing new software architecture and design patterns to improve system performance

Education & Experience

BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent; 5+ years industry experience building and shipping embedded systems

Additional Requirements

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