Lab Operations Lead

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Jan 15, 2020

Role Number: 200140427

The SEG Hardware Validation labs use thousands of MacOS hosts to drive validation, characterization and debug of Apple products in both FPGA and Post-Silicon Validation environments. This work requires consistency, security, and reliability across these MacOS hosts including OS images, software, access, and alignment with Apple InfoSecurity requirements. This lead would be responsible for developing, deploying and supporting the required solutions across the multi-site lab network.

Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience with scripting languages such as: Bash, Python, AppleScript
  • Knowledge of configuration management software such as, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.
  • MacOS system administration
  • macOS MDM tooling such as, Jamf, Autopkg, Munki
  • Re-imaging, disk partitioning, provisioning, etc.
  • Experience with provisioning UNIX-based operating environments
  • Understanding of cloud architectures, LAN/WAN networking schemes, and managing highly available services.
  • DNS, TLS certificate, and secrets management automation
  • Practical understanding of system security methodologies with respect to intrusion detection and backup/recovery flows
  • Knowledge of instrumentation tools/techniques such as OSQuery, Splunk, and Ganglia


The Hardware Validation Lab Mac Operations Lead would be responsible for MacOS hardware management, MacOS re-imaging schemes to be delivered across thousands of "host" machines seamlessly across lab environments, and software configuration management where required tooling is consistently and reliably deployed across the fleet of machines. The lead would also be responsible for defining and implementing instrumentation to manage and monitor what is running across the lab host machines, restricting access to the hosts according to Apple security requirements, and restricting the software being run. All policies and capabilities would need to be implemented and driven across labs and sites within the Hardware Validation footprint.

Education & Experience

BS/MS in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent with 3+ years of relevant work experience is required

Additional Requirements

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