iPhone Hardware System Engineer - System Technologies - PI EMI

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Mar 19, 2020

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 200160400

The iPhone HW Group is seeking an enthusiastic electrical engineer for the System Technologies Team. The ideal candidate will work with HW multi-functional teams to perform in-depth design modeling, simulation, and validation of power delivery networks and electro-magnetic effects in iPhone systems.

Key Qualifications

  • Must have strong EE fundamentals and problem solving ability
  • Strong experience and knowledge in power integrity, power delivery network design and analysis for PCB, PMIC, and SOC subsystems
  • Strong fundamentals in electromagnetics, analog circuits, and RF/MW theory & Technology
  • Experience and knowledge in EM modeling, EMI interferences, and desense
  • Demonstrated engineering passion, initiative, innovation, and creativity
  • Hands-on experience in hardware board-level testing and measurements, lab equipment, hardware debugging, and with software debugging tools
  • Tools: Circuit Simulators (Spice/Spectre), Ansoft/CST, Cadence/Sigrity, scripting languages (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, etc.) VNA, HS Scopes.


- You have experiecne with ,modeling, simulation, and characterization of system power delivery network and analog circuits that include PCB, PMU, SOC, and SubSystems. - Perform 2D/3D EM field modeling and simulation for system noises coupling and interferences between functional blocks, in both time-domain and frequency domain. - Simulation and analysis of system level analog circuits, desense, co-existence, and interferences. - Perform design feasibility study, design testing and verification, and system bring up. - Provide design guideline and feedbacks to X-functional design teams. - Support board layout and product bring up, debug, and validation.

Education & Experience


Additional Requirements

  • Be willing to travel to work in factory build environments.

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