High Speed Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Engineer

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Jun 4, 2020

Role Number: 200124352

Apple products are impacting millions of people across the globe. Our mission in Analog-Mixed/Signal group is to deliver hard IPs to Apple's products while exceeding the highest expectations of quality, innovation and efficiency. We face great challenges as SOC/PHY design complexity and the number of projects increase within short production cycles. Those great challenges are always tackled by our amazing team members who are driven and eager to learn new skills! If you have strong fundamentals and a track record of tackling technical challenges. If you are passionate about your curiosity and eagerness to learn new skills and to maximize the value and impact of your work! If you like to be tuned to the bigger-picture while diving deeply into the details to innovate and solve problems. If you love working with people and diverse teams to accomplish great things. If you like fire-fighting when challenges occur while keeping an extraordinary team spirit. If you care about society and have demonstrated leadership skills through commitment to great causes. We are looking forward to having you join our team and help us deliver on these challenges while enjoying a great culture where you own your career.

Key Qualifications

  • Proven track record in high-speed analog/mixed-signal circuit design and productization from layout to bench testing and ATE characterization
  • Deep understanding of analog/digital PLL and clocking fundamentals
  • Demonstrated self-learning, leadership skills, and a growth mindset throughout your career
  • Experience with PLL modeling, jitter budgeting, and power integrity analysis
  • Experience with timing analysis and flows is a plus
  • Excellent teamwork and productivity/scripting skills
  • Key areas: high-speed clocking architecture, RO/LC oscillators, clock drivers, dividers, TDCs, regulators, and references


Given your high aspirations, we expect you to apply your expertise to the development of PLL and clocking architectures and circuits for next-generation SOCs and systems at Apple.

Education & Experience

Requires Masters Degree with 6+ years of experience in related areas of expertise or PhD + 3 years of experience

Additional Requirements

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