HID, Automation Engineer

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: Dec 4, 2019

Role Number: 200125157

Be part of the Automation Solutions Team and help provide automated software and hardware solutions to enable the testing of next generation sensor technology. The team provides testing solutions such as test harness support, multi-stage on-device testing pipelines, custom fixtures, and result visualization tools to teams who qualify technologies such as Multitouch, Heart-rate sensing, TouchID, and FaceID.

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in automation or framework development
  • Strong working knowledge of Python or other scripting language
  • Strong working knowledge of software development lifecycle, QA terminology and processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: - Develop future proof features for test frameworks, ensuring no regressions are introduced. - Architect simple and generic testing solutions that span devices, fixtures, and software pipelines. - Use existing tools and services to construct and troubleshoot modular testing pipelines for teams to deploy. - Live on the bleeding edge of cloud and internal services, effectively communicating adoption steps to the org. - Build and maintain clusters of automated devices and fixtures. - Partner with teams to build new fixtures and control libraries to enable automated testing of new sensors or devices. - Clearly document usage instructions and best practices to enable rapid on boarding of new users. - Triage, troubleshoot and root cause issues, applying findings to future tasks. - Collaborate with team to prioritize initiatives, overcome blocking challenges, and implement efficiency improvements. A STRONG CANDIDATE WILL: - Have a passion for producing quality products, prove success with thoughtful design, and verify through testing. - Thrive in uncertain environments, being able to balance multiple projects and shift priorities to maximize their impact. - Strive to innovate and try new things. Continuously driving the team towards a higher level of operation.

Education & Experience

BS or MS in CS/CPE/EE or related degrees

Additional Requirements

  • - Proficiency with Mac systems and MacOS/iOS or UNIX variant
  • - Experience writing and/or testing firmware, building embedded systems
  • - Continuous integration and scheduling systems
  • - Data and results visualization design
  • - History of working with cloud storage and hosting services
  • - Track record of shipping phenomenal consumer products

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