Head of Communications Strategy, Retail Marketing


Posted: Jan 31, 2020

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 200111235

Apple is looking for a Head of Communications Strategy for our rapidly evolving Field Engagement and Communications team at Apple Retail. You will join us at a time when we are designing the future of how we communicate and connect with our Retail Stores, Contact Center, and Global Retail Support employees around the world! The Field Engagement and Communications group is leading the way for how we motivate and message to our 70,000+ hardworking store team members across 500+ stores. From daily content to dynamic events, our group helps equip our Field teams with not just the information to do their job, but the inspiration to deliver extraordinary service and experiences for our customers. As our Head of Communications Strategy, you will lead a team of communications strategists that shape how Apple messages to and mobilizes our field retail teams to connect with customers about the Apple ownership experience and ultimately deliver an experience that only Apple can do. You are a forward thinking story-teller, able to weave business goals and audience into clear and actionable narrative and language. You lead others to become great story-tellers. You are a natural builder of relationships, hearing what business partners need and able to translate that into creative and strategic deliverables. And able to elevate conversations to higher purposes and goals. Able to work with the Executive Team with gravity and perspective, within the principles of the Apple culture. You ground the work in what's needed now, but also have an eye to what could be. Most of all, you are deeply in tune with our audience of amazing store and contact center employees around the world. In this role you are part strategist, part coach, part editor. You are a capable people leader who can recognize, develop and cultivate others' talents to help them succeed. You instill candor and resilience to create a high performing team. As a leader and coach, you inspire teams while being engaged in the details yourself. You understand the Player-Coach model. You are especially savvy navigating a large cross functional organization with gravitas and clarity. You have a passion for nurturing relationships with business partners and senior leaders, while never losing your footing and rooting in the day to day work. As a leader of strategy are able to adapt and flex to different types of people and ways of working to successfully get to a shared outcome. This also means setting the example for others and bringing them along. As a strategist, you live and breathe the audience and customer - from behavioral insights to ways of connecting. You know every communication has a goal and desired outcome. You are the master of crafting the strategic approach, not just tactics. Framing the problem and fueling teams to get to the solution. You synthesize large amounts of information into key insights that are compelling. You cut through clutter with plans that put the right information in the right place at the right time for the right person. As an editor/writer, you build strong, focused narratives work ranging from seasonal campaigns, product launches, and employee initiatives. You see opportunities for well-timed and inspiring articles, informational posts, engaging videos, in person events and more. Your language, narrative and writing shape the story we want to tell. This is not strategy in an abstract sense, but very much applied via strategic narratives for communications and engagement of our field teams. You find the rhythm of a daily news cycle exciting.

Key Qualifications

  • 12-18+ years developing and presenting communication plans and strategies within a media, publishing, PR or advertising agency environment. With several years experience leading functional teams of strategists.
  • Ability to 'look around corners' and think about the long term needs, goals and strategies. Not just for the work but for how "strategy" as a discipline is evolving and how a dynamic team can adapt and grow.
  • Requires strong writing skills that can motivate clear messages and behavior change. Whether writing an article to inform teams on a key development or writing a script that will inspire new behaviors in our teams. Writing is more than Keynote and Email, but truly crafting the message that motivates and mobilizes our people. The Head of Communications Strategy especially needs to apply this as an editor of other strategists work and up-level everyone.
  • Extraordinary ability to grow internal relationships, work effectively within cross-functional teams and manage through ambiguity as a leader and directly responsible individual at Apple.
  • Strong learning agility; able to listen, learn and apply insights in changing conditions.
  • Proven ability to understand business challenges and formulate effective communications strategies that support the audience needs and business goals.
  • Consistent track record of creative partnership, working with creative and design directors to shape a body of work, not just an execution.
  • Experience working with international peers to define global communication strategies and support needs of our regions.
  • Passion for Retail and how to engage people in a human way at the scale of Apple.


Design integrated communication and engagement plans by assessing employee and business needs, defining goals, asking the right questions, framing the problems to solve well and engage partners and creative teams towards a final vision. Possess a strong editorial point of view and narrative ability. Write clear and concise creative briefs that can lead to action. Partner with the creative and producer teams throughout development and execution. Shape strategies with a customer and creative perspective, not business strategies in decks, but stories that inspire people. Learn, think through and shape how we use all touchpoint with our field teams towards the desired outcome. Be the communication expert in negotiating with partners and business leaders. Resolve challenges that arise during execution and address roadblocks. Lead the way and drive for results through dynamic change where roles and the work are actively evolving or ambiguous. Be able to explain the value of digital media, editorial programming, and communication techniques to non-creative audiences, both in person and in writing. Be able to define what success looks like by developing important metrics and being able to describe outcomes in clear and sensible ways people can understand and come back to.

Education & Experience

BA/BS in Marketing, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Editorial Writing or related field preferred.

Additional Requirements

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