Design Manager, Maps

1 week agoCupertino, CA


Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Weekly Hours: 40

Role Number: 200139588

This role is essential to the success of the Maps Product Design group. The role of this person is to successfully lead our largest and most important initiatives while simultaneously growing more junior people within the organization. Additionally, this person will help to scale the growing group by suggesting structure and processes, including but not limited to hiring, project management and studio life. This person is pivotal for innovative creative leadership and positive group dynamics. Junior team members will look to this person for superlative design direction. This person is responsible to learn, understand and integrate new visual design treatments and technologies. They will actively lead, teach and inspire their org to reach new levels of excellence in consumer experiences and delight.

Key Qualifications

  • Along with other Leads and Managers, provide focus to the design team by choosing the right products and features, in the appropriate priority
  • Responsible for design consistency & continuity in their own team and working with internal design teams and teams outside of our Product team
  • Uphold Apple design practice & processes, keeping in mind new opportunities
  • Lead collaboration across the design team
  • Assign resources to features
  • Escalate issues accordingly
  • Participate and facilitate discussion in Design Critiques
  • Participate and facilitate hiring of team members
  • Effectively present and defend Design concepts and follow-follow-through of self and team
  • Effectively help team deliver gorgeous, Apple-Quality consumer product experiences


Participate, give feedback and disseminate information on: • Feature Green-lighting • Headcount & Succession Planning • Allocate resources • Participate in understanding related products/features Participate with other senior management to establish strategic plans and objectives. Make final decisions on administrative and operational matters and ensures operations effective achievement of objectives. Job Complexity • Work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires in-depth knowledge of Apple. • Participate in corporate development of methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for projects, programs, and people. • Ensure budgets and schedules meet corporate requirements. Discretion Erroneous decisions will have a serious impact on the overall success of functional, division, or company operations. Interaction • Regularly interacts with executives and/or major customers. Interactions frequently involve special skills, such as negotiating with customers or management or attempting to influence senior-level leaders regarding matters of significance to the organization. Supervision Directly manage Apple employees; individual contributors and managers Grow junior individual contributors and managers into senior leaders Direct and control the activities of a broad functional area through several department managers with the company. Have overall control of planning, staffing, budget, managing expenses priorities, and recommending and implementing changes to methods.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200139588