Depth Hardware Laser Safety Design Engineer

1 month agoCupertino, CA


Posted: Sep 18, 2020

Role Number: 200041608

The Depth Hardware group at Apple develops depth-sensing hardware such as the revolutionary True-Depth camera that powers FaceID. This multi-disciplinary group of engineers are responsible for architecture, research, and manufacturing development of these highly complex sensing systems for Apple products. The Depth Hardware team is seeking a Depth Hardware Module Lead for enabling laser safety for laser based optics modules for depth applications.

Key Qualifications

  • Key Qualifications
  • This role requires ability to learn and explore new areas quickly and take responsibility for project success amid high ambiguity. Ability to work/lead/communicate in a highly matrixed/dynamic environment is a requirement. Ideal applicant will have direct experience in 4-5 of the areas listed below and have some knowledge of the others.
  • Opto-electronic/laser module hardware fail-safe mechanisms design
  • 2. Laser safety architecture definition via Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Design Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (D-FMEA) of complex systems
  • Laser safety classifications and specifications (IEC 60825-1 etc.)
  • High volume manufacturing of consumer electronics (optical preferred)
  • Expertise in manufacturing statistics/ Monte Carlo
  • Optical simulation tools such as Matlab, LightTools, Zemax etc.
  • Design, setup and execution of complex optical experiments
  • C++, C#, Matlab, JMP or Python programming for equipment control, automated data collection and analysis
  • Strong training in physics and proven track record of analytical thinking


The primary responsibility is end to end laser safety ownership for laser based optical modules from design, architecture to delivery in high volume. It involves: • Architecture/design of highly robust active/passive fail-safe mechanisms for mitigating hazard and validating their effectiveness using simulations and measurements • Being up to date with latest industry laser safety specifications such as IEC60825-1 etc. • Performing FTA and FMEA to define hazard for use case and defect operation • Component, module and system level process, design and test budgeting and spec funneling guarantying laser safety margins and manufacturability in high volume • Heavy interaction with multidisciplinary design teams (system, optical, electrical, mechanical, process, test, product safety, external consultants, firmware, software, operations etc.) covering a wide breadth of engineering and technical principles

Education & Experience

• MS or PhD degree in Physics, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering • 2+ (PhD) or 5+ (MS) years of industry experience in development and high volume deployment of electro-optical modules

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200041608