Custom Automation Cad Engineer

3+ months agoSan Diego, CA


Posted: Jul 23, 2021

Role Number: 200201287

Do you love creating elegant solutions to highly complex challenges and have a passion for saving other people time and effort? As part of our Silicon Technologies group, you'll help design and manufacture our next generation of high-performance, power-efficient processors! You'll ensure Apple products and services can seamlessly and efficiently handle the tasks that make them beloved by millions. Joining this group means you'll be responsible for architecting and building the technology that fuels Apple's devices. Together, you and your team will enable our customers to do all the things they love with their devices. In this critical and central role as a team member in our advanced CAD Group, you will enhance your career working on state-of-the-art designs and design methods. You will engage with cross-disciplinary staff to define and develop the automation, data, APIs, systems, and communication to enable our CAD flows. You will be working with world-class engineers in circuit, logic, and low-power design, process technology, and CAD software to enable new levels of complexity, efficiency, and reliability.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent programming skills in languages like Python, Perl, SKILL, TCL, Shell, etc.
  • Proficient in CAD flow development.
  • Ability to understand, maintain, and improve complex software systems.
  • Working knowledge of circuit design concepts and methods, including, but not limited to, device characteristics, SPICE and Verilog netlists and simulation, transistor and gate-level timing, IR/EM analysis, parasitic extraction, and physical design validation.
  • Working experience in code development, creating automation tools for other engineers to use.
  • Strong fundamentals in software development concepts and execution, specifically, system architecture, OS implementation, compilation/interpretation of code, command-line and GUI interaction, object-oriented structures, testing and coverage, revision control, and general algorithms. ML knowledge useful.
  • Exceptional analytical and communication skills. Able to work effectively with many cross-functional teams and find the best solutions for Apple and our customers.


• Investigate challenges, propose solutions, complete execution, and drive adoption of novel systems, which enhance design and CAD engineer productivity. • Understand, support, and enhance CAD infrastructure, flows, and scripts. • Collaborate effectively throughout our team, CAD, and Silicon Technologies. • Learn new subject areas quickly. Ask questions. Anticipate and overcome challenges. • Drive software vendor's bleeding edge development and benchmark their capabilities.

Education & Experience

Bachelor's degree or higher in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200201287