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Summary Posted: Jul 22, 2022
Role Number:200002947

Do you have an uncommon desire to seek out and solve exceedingly difficult challenges rather than the easy ones? Do you thrive on adversity? Do you believe that truly valuable and meaningful accomplishments are the result of pushing the limits of perseverance? Do you believe that a world-class team with relentless drive can surpass even their own high expectations? We do! But we also realize this job isn't for everyone. What we do isn't easy but you don't take the easy path. Apple is seeking a highly motivated and ambitious CPU Architect to join our group that is driving advanced exploration for next generation iPhone, iPad, and Mac CPU architectures.

Key Qualifications

* You should have experience and knowledge of CPU architecture and micro-architecture concepts as well as deep expertise in one or more focused CPU areas. Areas could include ISA development, core micro-architecture, CPU security, memory subsystem design, coherency, fabric and scalable design, DRAM, reliability architecture, or AI/ML for architectural exploration.
* You will be setting direction. Therefore, you must be comfortable in an environment of uncertainty and be able to work through ambiguities.
* We believe in the power of teams working together, so you must have strong communication, influence, and negotiation skills.
* We are a data driven group and believe in the power of individuals proving their own ideas. Therefore, we prefer you have hands-on experience with high-level simulators for performance or power estimation
* Proficiency in C and C++
* Proficiency in scripting languages such as Perl or Python
* Knowledge and experience with common performance benchmarks and workloads

As a CPU Architect you will independently identify potential areas for improvement while collecting data and measurements that either confirm your ideas or rule them out. We define new micro-architectures and optimize existing ones. You will use your intuition gained from experience as a guide but not as a filter. You will collaborate with experienced designers in micro-architecture and RTL to assess the feasibility of ideas, refine ideas, and seed new ones. The role requires the analysis of specific workloads across existing and new emerging product categories to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. An interest in AI/ML for architectural exploration or bottleneck identification is a plus. As a member of the CPU architecture and performance team you will collaborate with other world-class architects to maintain and improve the simulation environment and look for ways to boost the productivity of the entire team.

Education & Experience
BS, MS, or PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering.

Additional Requirements

Client-provided location(s): Cupertino, CA, USA
Job ID: apple-200002947

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