Camera Algorithms & Prototyping Engineer

3+ months agoCupertino, CA


Posted: May 22, 2020

Role Number: 200170587

Apple is looking for a world class hands-on engineer to create ideas and concepts for Apple camera products and customer experiences. The Camera Hardware Engineering group is responsible for all research, design, development, test, and qualification of camera hardware for Apple products. The Camera Architecture team is responsible for creating future camera hardware requirements that tie in together with the ISP definitions, power budgets and design requirements. This team is seeking an exceptional engineer with hands-on skills in imaging, computer vision and machine learning. To take ownership of investigations with cross-functional teams. The team environment is very dynamic and fast-paced, it requires excellent passion, creativity, quick-learner with can-do attitude and solid multi-disciplinary engineering background. An ideal candidate has hands-on experience with camera designs, ISPs and software algorithms, image processing, computer vision and computational photography. Background in optics is a plus. Is comfortable with researching implementing and analyzing complex multi-system problems, and deep data-based analysis. Can create quickly prototype solutions using machine learning tools and evaluate trade-offs. The candidate should be able to clearly articulate what motivates a particular approach, and its pros and cons as well as risks. You will have in-depth understanding of modern imaging algorithms, such as HDR, Super resolution, Auto-focus, multi-camera algorithms, etc. This will be extremely useful in order to successfully tie in highly optimized camera hardware solutions with state of the art software providing market leading imaging experience.

Key Qualifications

  • 5-10 years of hands-on experience
  • Researching and developing image processing algorithms, computational photography and computer vision.
  • Implementing, modeling, analyzing and testing machine learning solutions for vision.
  • Excellent software skills in Python/Matlab, TensorFlow/Pytorch, C/C++
  • This role requires the ability to learn quickly and become familiar with several different technology areas
  • Experience in full system simulations and evaluation of the simulation results
  • Understanding of image quality metrics and great imaging experience
  • Background in ISP, multi-frame/multi-camera algorithms and optics is a significant advantage


We brainstorm, design, and prototype novel experiences around use of cameras and come up with innovative technical solutions if required. Working together with multiple camera teams including HW, SW and algorithms. Creating proposals for Apple future imaging solutions. Developing methods to quantify, simulate and analyze proposals for future imaging systems. Analyzing system simulations to quantify proposals and designs. Delivering executive level presentations based on solid facts and detailed analysis.

Education & Experience

M.S or Ph.D. in EE, Computer Vision, Signal Processing or equivalent, with 5 years experience in related field.

Additional Requirements

Job ID: apple-200170587