Antenna Wireless Systems Engineer


Posted: Jul 31, 2019

Role Number: 200086371

We are looking for an engineer with a broad mix of HW and SW skills and a can-do attitude. The role will involve a mix of hands-on, lab bench debugging and development of SW tools for data analysis and visualization.

Key Qualifications

  • Your strong background in antenna theory and RF fundamentals will have you contributing to the team quickly.
  • We value your strong data analytics, signal processing, and skills to tackle complex statistical issues
  • You have strong coding skills in C/C++, Python, or similar
  • Your knowledge of cellular and wireless standards and communication theory will be valued
  • Familiar with lab instrumentation such as spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, call boxes, etc.


We work closely with antenna design engineers, system engineers and software engineers to integrate antenna systems algorithms into Apple products. You will help drive vendors to meet Apple specifications for overall system performance. You can develop Python code to test and refine algorithms for antenna systems. The code will work with and control modems and test equipment. In this role you will create, execute, and analyze experiments to understand and improve on algorithm implementations. Publish reports and provide feedback to other design engineers. We want you to use your creativity to develop SW tools to analyze and visualize test data.

Education & Experience

MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Additional Requirements

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