AI/ML - Software Engineer (Search and Infrastructure), Siri Search & Knowledge Platform

    • Cupertino, CA


Posted: May 6, 2020

Role Number: 200111220

Siri's universal search engine powers search features across a variety of Apple products, including Siri, Spotlight, Safari, Messages and Lookup. Siri Knowledge team is building groundbreaking technology for algorithmic search. The features we build are redefining how hundreds of millions of people use their computers and mobile devices to search and find what they are looking for. As part of this group, you will work with one of the most exciting high performance computing environments, with lot of data, millions of queries per second, and have an opportunity to imagine and build products that delight our customers every single day.

Key Qualifications

  • Extensive systems programming experience in either C/C++, Java and/or Golang
  • Experience developing high quality, high performance server software
  • Knowledge of a scripting language like Python is a plus
  • Strong background in computer science: algorithms, data structures, concurrency, and distributed systems
  • Experience with Hadoop, Kafka and/or Spark is a plus
  • Excellent communication and collaborative skills
  • Able to work as part of a small, focused team and give your best effort


* Build high performance server side software and scalable APIs that power decisions for Siri Search and Knowledge, including: * Knowledge Representation and Semantic Search * Knowledge graph Indexing pipelines * Scalable APIs for querying Knowledge Graph * Query analysis platform and tooling * Streaming infrastructure and streaming data processing * A/B test infrastructure * Machine learning infrastructure * Profile and optimize the latency in a high QPS environment * Design and implement testing and alerting to ensure the quality of these services and pipelines

Education & Experience

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

Additional Requirements

  • Deep understanding of search and information retrieval fundamentals including indexing, query understanding, retrieval
  • Experience building search solutions using Lucene/Elastic search or related search technologies
  • Experience building real-time data ingestion pipelines using big data / streaming technologies like Kafka, Spark.

Working at Apple means doing more than you ever thought possible and having more impact than you ever imagined.

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