Technical Product Manager

The mission of Appian’s Platform team is to ensure Appian is always fast and scalable. As a *super* Technical Product Manager you will be solving problems of scale and flexibility that most PMs never see, and driving the product roadmap to serve customers in ways you never imagined. What is Appian? It’s an application platform that lets business people build powerful cloud and mobile apps with flexible, visual models instead of clunky custom code.

What you’ll do: Prioritize, define, and ensure success of product features designed specifically for a highly technical end user, e.g. a sys admin, at the roadmap/release level (we release quarterly) as well as functionalities within each feature at the sprint level (two weeks sprints)

  • Prioritize what we should build and when by collaborating with stakeholders on product vision and strategy
  • Share ideas and receive feedback on new features through presentations each quarter before a new release
  • Define how those features will work and look through close collaboration with backend engineers, product architects, infosec, and cloud teams
  • Manage the release and sprint backlog through planning, backlog grooming, development, and review
  • Write detailed specification for stakeholders to review and provide feedback on
  • Ensure successful build out of features and ensure users to be successful by tracking adoption/usage
  • Drive each sprint through development, review, and testing
  • See features through documentation, prioritization of bugs and enhancements, and usage analysis

About you:

  • You are more technical than most other PMs you know and may have even started your career as a developer or systems admin
  • You’re an engineer at heart, but looking to make a broader impact beyond the scope of writing code
  • You have an ability to empathize with both stakeholders and developers to make the right compromises that can deliver value
  • You understand what a roadmap for an enterprise software product looks like and can work with a team to guide the delivery
  • You are exceptionally imaginative, collaborative, and truly excited about building great product features and experiences
  • You have sharp negotiation skills, impressive organization, and superb writing abilities
  • Most importantly, you are passionate about software!



Meet Some of Appian's Employees

James S.

Manager, Software Development

James loves being on the cutting edge of technology and working with his team to help businesses build their own software applications in order to meet their needs.

Naveen B.

Senior Consultant

Helping customers do what they do better is what makes Naveen excited about the work she does every day. She ensures any application Appian develops is of the highest caliber.

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