Strategy Analyst

The Appian Strategy Office (ASO) is responsible for formulating, partnering with senior leadership to implement, and monitoring the success of Appian’s strategy. The team serves as both internal consultants to formulate strategy with the CEO in a fact-based manner and change agents to facilitate the strategy execution with Appian’s business units.

This role will be at Appian HQ in Reston Town Center, but we will be moving to Tysons mid 2019.

Summary of Role:

The Strategy Analyst will serve as a member of the Appian Strategy Office. The Strategy Analyst supports the CEO and SVP of Strategy to formulate, articulate, and monitor a strategic vision focusing on growth and to facilitate the implementation of strategic initiatives with Appian’s executive team.


Combine creative thinking, command of analytical methods, and a sophisticated understanding of our business to:

  • Structure and execute strategic initiatives by gathering and synthesizing relevant data, leading analyses, and presenting final recommendations that will drive short- and long-term growth.
  • Evaluate new business opportunities by modeling performance reflecting plausible scenarios or illustrating limits of tolerable risks. These business opportunities include new business models or initiatives.
  • Ensure the stability and reliability of data sources and processes that reporting systems draw on, the accuracy of reports, analytical soundness, and timely delivery of work product.
  • Help prioritize work based on strategic importance, maintenance and ongoing improvement of financial and business performance metrics.
  • Work closely with finance to understand impact of initiatives to P&L and forecasts.
  • Review historical performance and create strategic recommendations.
  • Stay abreast of and share industry, competitor, and consumer behavior trends that can impact Appian.
  • Lead independent and cross-departmental projects to successful implementation

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Math, or Finance discipline
  • 2-3 years of direct experience in the software or Information Technology industry
  • Must possess exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Must have working knowledge of management strategies, financial accounting, human resource planning, customer relations, and implementation of new technologies
  • Must be able to multitask with research projects, data analysis, and coordination with the executive team
  • Must be willing to challenge the standard thinking with new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions
  • Must have strong decision-making skills and the determination to see projects through to the end
  • Demonstrated skills in leadership and collaboration
  • Understands highly complex issues where fundamental principles do not clearly apply or appear to conflict
  • Required to use previous experience to identify the most appropriate option or to improve existing approaches
  • Possesses good people skills with the ability to develop respect and trust with team members, both within the company and with partners and to help cultivate an environment of teamwork
  • Able to identify business issues and find innovative solutions.

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