Software Engineer - Android

Mobile has always been an integral part of Appian’s DNA and that reigns true now more than ever as we begin our post IPO journey as a company.  Our mobile engineering squad, a part of our User tribe, is transforming our native application and looking for pioneers to help lead our newest initiatives. What is Appian? It’s an application platform that lets business people build powerful cloud and mobile apps with flexible, visual models instead of clunky custom code.

About you:

  • You are at ease with Java as a language, as well as design patterns like MVC, anonymous classes, dependency injection and threading
  • You understand Android features like Adapters, AsyncTasks and Loaders
  • Passion for Android development and understanding of 4.x APIs
  • Deep understanding of Android Fragments, Views, and Services
  • Exceptional knowledge of Java, design patterns, and integrating web-based APIs
  • Experience with Java concurrency and concurrency as it applies to Android
  • A knack and appreciation for crafting high-quality code alongside an understanding of performance pitfalls and mobile-specific challenges to building enterprise-grade software

What you’ll do: On the User tribe you will get to leverage a variety of technologies to build new features from the ground up as well as evolve and modernize our interface for all users of Appian, web and mobile. We’re in the midst of modernizing our UI and looking to the horizon with a greater emphasis on mobile first features.


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