Cloud Operations Engineer

Who we are:

Over ten years ago, we launched AppFolio (NASDAQ: APPF) to revolutionize the way small and medium-sized businesses grow and compete. Today our software solutions serve the property management and legal industries.  At the heart of our products and services is a talented and agile team that understands the importance of a 100% customer focus.

With offices in Santa Barbara, Dallas, and San Diego, our business is built for long term success fueled by happy, loyal customers and a team of AppFolians who contribute to our great culture every day.

To learn more about AppFolio and our company values check out our profile on The Muse!

Why AppFolio?

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and a 401k Match
  • Amazing company culture: focus on a complete lifestyle
  • Recharge: 20 Days PTO + 9 Paid Holidays
  • Built to last: Grow your career in an innovative, public company
  • Make an impact: your work plays a key role in transforming our customers’ businesses
  • Love your team members: co-workers are often friends too
  • Offices stocked with healthy snacks, games, and goodies
  • A commitment to health/wellness including onsite fitness classes
  • Give back to your team and your community

At MyCase, our Cloud Operations Engineers are responsible for building out and maintaining our cloud infrastructure on top of Amazon AWS, with a heavy focus on architecture design, deployment, automation, and performance. Our primary concerns are uptime, reliability, and scalability of our infrastructure and applications, and the ability of our engineers to ship updates to our customers quickly and safely.

As a qualified candidate...

  • You are pleasant to work with! You can explain something complex to us in a way we can understand, and can contribute meaningfully to the design process of cloud infrastructure and software features.
  • You are proficient in at least 1 high-level programming language, love using it to solve problems, and can readily transfer that experience into other languages and APIs.
  • You have experience building and supporting web services with AWS or other cloud providers. You feel at home around the AWS web console, CLI, API, or all three!
  • You understand what parts go into building a web service in the cloud, and how to handle scaling an application both horizontally and vertically.
  • You have good working knowledge of networking, HTTP(S), and TCP/IP.
  • You find joy in Automating All The Things™. After you do something manually for the third time in a row, your instinct is “We should make a robot do this!” Then, you build the robot. Your goal in life is to automate yourself out of a tedious job, and into a cool job. 

As an exceptional candidate, some or all of these might apply to you:

  • You have a strong understanding of Linux, including experience with server administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Given a Linux server running one or more web services, you aren’t afraid to dig in, diagnose problems, and work with developers to tune performance. “I know how to navigate the filesystem” doesn’t cut it.
  • You can program in Ruby, and have experience with the Ruby on Rails web application framework.
  • You can program in Javascript, and have experience with the Node.js framework and how to use it in AWS Lambda.
  • You have experience with high-availability database administration, especially with MySQL or PostgreSQL, on Amazon RDS.
  • You have experience building cloud infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code tools like AWS CloudFormation or Terraform.
  • You have experience with Docker. You know how to get an application into Docker, and how to make Docker Production-ready in the cloud.
  • You have experience automating and building CI/CD pipelines, using tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, or TravisCI.

If you join us, you will...

  • Be part of a small, focused team with the power and responsibility to decide how best to serve the customer.
  • Architect, run, and improve the infrastructure that runs the applications that power MyCase.
  • Be a force multiplier for other teams, helping them to create and deploy features quickly and safely.
  • Write, review, test, and deploy code to manage our infrastructure on a daily basis.
  • Anticipate and debug real problems with infrastructure and code that is in production.
  • Take deep dives into existing performance issues, and anticipate new ones.
  • Participate in our on-call rotation, and own making the on-call experience as pleasant as possible.

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