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Company Description

AOL is committed to hiring and growing the best talent on the planet within the Media Technology industry, and yes you read that right, Media Technology! In case you haven’t heard AOL these days consists of totally awesome brands like Huffington Post, Mapquest, TechCrunch and Engadget just to name a few. Additionally, we own & operate the best advertising technology stack in the business with our launch of AOL One giving both advertisers and publishers an end to end solution for their clients. With the acquisition of AOL by Verizon in June of 2015 we are stoked to have the opportunity to combine their footprint of 1.5B+ connected devices to the overall AOL strategy as we continue to focus our efforts on the mobile and video advertising markets. While we love being part of the Verizon family, we are continuing to run as a standalone company (yay!).

Above & beyond all the cool brands, content and advertising tech though we are a company that attracts, values and grows truly awesome people and talent. If you are looking for a career (not just a job), enjoy a fast paced & dynamic work environment, love working with super smart and top tier engineers and want to be a part of the continued success in growing the AOL business then look no further than this role @ AOL!

Job Description

AOL’s global platform Services (gpS) team is looking for a passionate and experienced leader to manage our Production Networks organization, consisting of super smart and passionate Network Engineers who run the company’s data center networks, our international service-provider grade backbone, and the development of automation tools for command and control of those networks. ProdNets, and the gpS team, are part of the central technologies organization which runs the entire IT Infrastructure for the company and operates technology at a gigantic scale! We are looking for someone with a deep technical background and a huge passion for inspiring and leading people, while creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for your team.  

AOL isn’t unlike many other companies that have had a long and successful run in the technology and media space. We have an expansive base of services that utilize AOL’s massive scale of owned and operated infrastructure, a mix of acquired companies that operate solely on public cloud infrastructure and another bucket of properties that are somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum. That’s a creative way of saying that not only will you be expected to lead and manage a large and complicated set of networks, you will also help set the standards and guidelines by which network services are offered and consumed by our customers on public cloud infrastructures like AWS. We want you to help drive improvements in how we design, deploy, manage & automate our services to exceed our customer's business objectives.  

You are willing to “carry the pager”, but strive to create an architecture and environment where it never goes off.

Experience with major networking vendors, such as Juniper, Arista, Cisco, and Brocade, and aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

Experience with routing protocols and technologies, from routing protocols like BGP, OSPF and ISIS to advanced features like policy routing, virtual routers, MPLS, MLAG, and VPNs, as well as an understanding of Internet routing.

Experience with code development, with at least some familiarity with programming languages such as Python, Perl, Java, and C.  

Working knowledge of the basics of DNS, load balancers and delivery controllers, firewalls, host networking, optical networks/WDM, and storage networks.

Outstanding communication skills for the ability to explain, at all levels of the organization, the output and recommendations, you will need to influence and lead others to follow the guidelines by which this role will help to create;

Familiarity with public cloud offerings such as AWS. 


Think outside the box to chart the next generation of network services we offer our customers, balancing the need to scale our o&o infrastructure along with our push into public cloud.

Manage the integration of past/present/future technology acquisitions onto our networks and into our data centers, This a huge part of the role as we continue to invest and grow. We need your help to get better at standardizing on supported long term solutions.

Drive automation efforts to enable deploying and scaling our services much more efficiently.

Help align Production Networks roadmaps with business priorities. How do we enable what they need to accomplish more quickly, cost effectively while improving performance and reliability?

Be an influential figure in the technology roadmap of our vendors, driving both change and consistency where needed.

Inspire your team to provide insanely great 24/7 operational support for the services you support, proactively solving issues before they become problems and training your folks to solve business problems vs. just performing operational tasks.  

Successful candidates will have most of the below qualifications:

You unequivocally love technology, talking in acronyms and protocols to your fellow engineers while also being able to explain in plain english the value your team provides to business and product owners.

You’ve worked in a system of scale before with hundreds of network devices (routers, switches, etc) at multiple locations, such as at an ISP or a company or agency large enough to require multiple data centers. 

About You

You love the idea of creating, owning and executing on large and complex initiatives;

You're a leader, you’re inspired by managing and working with people smarter than you while channeling their energy to execute on a strategy you help develop.

You like the idea of playing a key role in a growing company while also having the freedom to develop & refine this leadership role to grow the team

You love working with and talking to people, motivating our partners and employees to think strategically

You enjoy the concept of having the perfect balance of leadership from above as well as enough individual ownership to define how your team will operate

You take pride in your work and you believe, truly believe, that the success for the team is more important than your individual success

You love to tackle, brainstorm and solve complex problems while promoting teamwork

You absolutely, unequivocally, like to have FUN and want to promote an enthusiastic workplace where folks can’t wait to get into the office each morning!   

Additional Information

During the hiring process you'll have the opportunity to find out everything there is to know about the role, the company, meet with your manager and team and see how your ideas could contribute to our success.

Aol is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Aol employees are rewarded competitively and are entitled to a wide range of benefits that encourage a positive lifestyle. Our recruitment team will always welcome any conversations about flexible working requirements.

We do not accept resumes from recruitment agencies that have not signed a formal agreement with us.

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