Interconnection Strategy Manager

Company Description

Verizon Digital Media Services brings together world-class technology to prepare, deliver and display content — so users can watch and enjoy on their terms. The purpose of our platform is simple. It delivers next-generation digital experiences for today’s demanding users, whether it be their favorite TV shows, catching up with friends via social media or shopping for the latest gadgets. Built on top of one of the world’s largest networks, our platform easily handles your users’ appetite for instant, secure and always-on media, anytime, anywhere.

Job Description

This role will be responsible for the need assessment, negotiation and implementation of CDN-to-IP last-mile network interconnections support Verizon CDN (content delivery network).  Verizon CDN will leverage the public IP network and existing interconnections, but will also need hyper-targeted interconnections to major last-mile networks both domestically and internationally.  This position will form a strategy and execute upon that strategy to ensure the highest level of quality for content delivery around the world using Verizon CDN. This role will own a budget a plan, and a cross-functional team to accomplish these goals.


  • Assess which ISPs, MSOs, TelCos, that Verizon CDN should establish direct interconnections, between the Verizon Network and the last-mile network, including which locations and at what capacity (requiring forecasting by ISP and geography)

  • Understand Verizon's current peering and paid-peering policies, as well as IP transit (IDE and IDA) strategy, the cost and revenue structures associated with each model, and the existing interconnection topology Verizon has deployed with global last-mile providers
Build a prioritized plan for interconnections with the top ISPs and in the top geographies, prioritizing sites and carriers according to the demand of CDN customers against the current interconnection footprint and capacity, ensuring quality performance and SLA achievement

  • Drive the project plan for executing a successful Content Delivery Network-interconnection strategy, ensuring major milestones are met in a timely basis and project dependencies (within and across the organization) are documented, visible, and addressed

  • Forecast traffic levels, and associated costs against those traffic levels, per network and per geography (at the customer level) to ensure adequate visibility on the cost structure and cost horizon for Verizon CDN; obtain operating budget approval and capital budget approval against this forecast, updating regularly

  • Lead the business negotiations with major ISPs surrounding Content Delivery Network traffic egressing Verizon's network destined for the ISP's consumers, including pricing structure and price points, forecasting costs against the P&L accordingly

  • Lead a cross-functional team consisting of Legal, Finance, Sourcing, and Network and Engineering teams responsible for the negotiation and execution of ISP Content Delivery Network-interconnections (ensuring the right design is put forth, against a managed P&L)

  • Work closely with Carrier Management (in Global Wholesale) to create synergies from a buy/and/sell perspective while driving down interconnection costs with major carriers and ISPs

  • Work closely with the Content Delivery Network Planning team and Public IP Network Planning team to ensure the optimal design and engineering plan is developed and deployed based on the type of traffic (and the interconnection schemes in place today with major MSOs and ISPs (e.g. direct or VPN-based connections, Private Line, in Equinix or Terremark or Carrier Hotel sites, etc
  • Formulate a global interconnection strategy related to the Content Delivery Network, including which networks and geographies will require direct interconnections from the Content Delivery Network

  • Execute a global expansion strategy including 3rd party CDNs (both carrier-based CDNs like Tata and Vodafone and BT and Telefonica, as well as pure-play OTT CDNs like Limelight and Akamai); this includes partnership development, interconnection strategies (similar to non-CDN ISPs), traffic forecasts, and P&L management



  • 7+ years experience within the interconnection and ISP industry
  • 5+ years experience with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or in the CDN industry

  • 3+ years experience working with digital media technologies and network technologies (BGP, LCR, MPLS, IP, etc.)

    Undergraduate degree required

  • Experience managing initiatives and cross-functional contributors, focused on contract negotiations 

  • Solid understanding of both business and technical requirements and ability to translate each to an untrained audience
  • Experience with CDN technologies; caching, streaming and downloads
  • Public IP transit experience (Internet Dedicated Ethernet, Internet Dedicated Access, Ethernet technologies, etc.)

  • Traffic utilization methods and calculations (P95 Mbps Sustained and Peak, GB Delivered, Price Protected Ports, etc.)

  • Intimate familiarity with the global ISP landscape

  • Business negotiations with international and domestic ISPs, MSOs, TelCos, Carriers, etc.
  • Leading cross-functional teams within and outside of the immediate line of business

  • Budget forecasting and capital planning

  • Project Management skills with understanding of project management life cycle activities including but not necessarily limited to project proposal development, budgeting, scheduling, and documentation
  • Internal executive presentation skills

  • Illustrated background creating results-driven recommendations

History of working across workstreams and business units
Ability to create presentation materials and communicate to executives, customers, external stakeholders, and industry leaders

  • PowerPoint advanced skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in an engineering field, or MBA preferred 

  • Illustrated experience with networking

  • Experience in telecom, digital media and/or related fields

  • Experience working in a cross-functional organization

  • Strong understanding of IP protocols

Additional Information

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