Front Page Evening Editor, The Huffington Post (SF or Los Angeles)

Company Description

The Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news, video, features, and entertainment, as well as a highly engaged global community for opinion and conversation. The platform has 100,000 bloggers -- from politicians, students and celebrities to academics, parents and policy experts -- who contribute in real-time on the subjects about which they are most passionate. The Huffington Post is committed to covering our core editorial pillars -- news and politics, wellness, and solutions to the world's biggest problems -- and using every available tool and platform, including virtual reality and immersive storytelling, to inform, inspire, entertain and empower. With a global multi platform audience, The Huffington Post has editions in the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Maghreb, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Greece, India, Australia and the Arab world. The Huffington Post is part of AOL Inc.

Job Description

The Huffington Post is looking for news editors to publish stories, follow news, and write headlines on our widely read mobile app and front page. HuffPost’s homepage updates constantly and features a diverse range of stories from all of our verticals as well as other sites around the web. This is not a typical front-page editing job: HuffPost front page editors are expected to set the news agenda, become involved in story assignment, send alerts and post on social media.

Note: We are accepting candidates from ALL locations. 

The job involves:

* Finding stories that should lead the site, and contributing ideas for how to present them

* Identifying what’s most interesting about each story and writing new headlines around that

* Selecting the most compelling photos to accompany stories on the front page

* Regularly updating the Huffington Post’s mobile app

* Sending mobile push notifications, email alerts, and tweets for breaking news stories

* Identifying stories that need to be on the front page and coordinating with reporters and section editors to make sure someone is covering it

* Writing quick, clean first versions of breaking news stories


Candidates for the front page positions should:

* 2-4 years experience in online journalism, strong writing skills, eagerness to learn and take risks

* Have rock-solid news judgment. Know when a story matters, when it doesn’t — and why.

* Have a high-level BS detector, a healthy dose of skepticism and steadfast gut instincts. Know how to spot an imposter, a hoax or spin from a mile away.

* Be passionate news junkies, familiar with all of the web’s top news sites and blogs, and with current national politics and business news

* Be obsessed with the social web and finding news through Twitter and Facebook

* Be comfortable in a fast-paced, creatively demanding work environment that requires meticulous attention to detail

* Have a keen sense for how to make news compelling using images, headlines, and other publishing elements

* Have extensive knowledge of social media sites and ideas about how to engage HuffPost’s reader community in the news of the day

* Be knowledgeable about the content and headlines typically featured on HuffPost’s front page

* Understand how to reach readers through all platforms, with special facility for mobile

This position is in the WGA-E bargaining unit.

Additional Information

EEO/AA Women, Minorities, Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities Employer: AOL offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including 401(k) match and performance bonus. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to, and will not be discriminated against based on, race, gender, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability or other protected category.

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