Chief Editor: Engadget

Company Description

AOL is a media technology company with a mission to connect consumers and creators through open marketplaces. AOL uses data to disrupt content production, distribution and monetisation. We connect publishers with advertisers across our global, programmatic platforms, tapping into Microsoft inventory and original content brands like TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and MAKERS which reach over 500 million monthly global consumers. Within our mobile advertising network alone, we have a reach of roughly 800 million users. A subsidiary of Verizon, AOL is shaping the digital future.

Job Description

Chief Editor, Engadget (“Editor”) will be responsible for the managing of editorial staff, freelance writers, translation companies and other components that are necessary in running high quality tech news site. The Editor will also set up and lead the editorial efforts to grow niche sites targeted for specific audience groups under the technology/gadget domain. The Editor will be required to have in-depth understanding of the user expectations and should be an expert in handling all forms of content i.e., Text, Video and Images.

The Editor will have a great eye for detail, understand the importance of deadlines and know-how to meet them without compromising on standards. The Editor will also know how to reconcile editorial standards with commercial considerations. Capable of maximizing value out of a small but competent editorial team, the Editor must be a passionate advocate of Engadget Japan to motivate his team and evangelize the unique qualities and values of Engadget and its content. The Editor must be familiar with Content management tools, Photoshop, style-sheets, editorial calendars and other essential publishing tools.

The Editor must understand the changing landscape of online media and know how to leverage content to cultivate community and increase engagement on our properties as well as social networking sites and mobile platforms.

Main Objectives of Role:

  • Formulate and implement content strategies that will help turn Engadget Japanese into a unique tech/gadget destination for the demographic with penchant for high quality content.
  • Implement an effective social networking strategy to complement existing content. Drive user generated comments/interactions, build communities around niche sites
  • Provide input for the definition of ‘vision’ for relevant tech/gadget genres
  • Understands and implements strategy to meet commercial, legal obligations, and works to meet and exceed these while also safeguarding user interests
  • Use a clear understanding of team goals and metrics for success to achieve member and commercial objectives
  • Manage translation companies to ensure production of high quality localized content while at the same time explore and implement measures to lower the cost involving translation
  • Be responsible for the creation and aggregation of content through partnerships, hiring talented writers and from third party providers to deliver the best in class international tech/gadget content for the Japan users

General Management responsibilities of the Role:

  • Work with the global editorial, business and technical teams across AOL Tech to gather support by defining requirements for the Japan market
  • Maintain close communication with the global tech teams to share online editorial knowledge and expertise
  • Develop the content strategy for the tech/gadget category, identify and manage resources to drive growth
  • Keep track of the developments in Japan online publishing, especially competitors’ offerings catering to the need of the users
  • Liaise with partners on a day to day basis and resolve any issues arising with partner relationships and content

The successful candidate will demonstrate the follow skills, experience and attributes: 

  • University graduate with relevant editorial experience
  • Advance Editing, feature and copy-writing excellence demonstrated with well-regarded publications/Websites
  • Strong network of contacts in the tech/gadget industry
  • Advanced ability to gain understanding of relevant genres
  • Intermediate ability to review and interpret customer activity data and draw conclusions with regard to their implication on content priorities and scheduling
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of metrics governing editorial and commercial success
  • Expert quality assurance and legal rights management skills
  • Editorial and management experience across multiple content areas
  • Advanced ability to convert customer insight into creative and innovative online experiences

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