Senior Product Manager

    • Surfers Paradise, Australia

Everything we do is recorded, collected, mined, profiled, stored, targeted and sold. The balance of power has shifted to the cabal of tech giants and data miners who overtly or covertly control what you see, whom you connect with, what you read, click, and care about. Something has to be done! At Anonyome Labs, we are building the tools that shift control of your personal and private information from the big data miners back to you, the user. If you want to be a part of something innovative, challenging, meaningful and, most of all, something that matters\u2026then it's time to talk.

Anonyome Labs is looking for a Senior Product Manager to fill a key role on the development and growth of our Sudo Platform product. The platform offers consumer privacy capabilities to companies in the form of developer-friendly SDKs and APIs (think Twilio for consumer privacy). Our customers use these capabilities (e.g. encrypted messaging, voice calling, email, virtual payment cards) to increase consumer privacy in their existing products or to build entirely new products to address the complex privacy and identity issues we face in the age of surveillance capitalism. 

As a Senior Product Manager, you will be working directly with stakeholders and product teams to define the strategies and roadmaps for several of the products offered through our platform. This is an ideal position for individuals who thrive in a work environment that requires strong organizational skills and independent self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for leadership, collaboration, and open communication. 

Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Become an undisputed expert on your product, its customers, its market/industry and the business under which it operates.
  • Fulfill the role of Product Owner on your product team, including owning the product roadmap and backlog and collaborating effectively with your product team. 
  • Develop and deliver against a product vision and roadmap that is aligned with the company vision
  • Conduct market research, data analysis, and user research to incorporate customer needs into the product roadmap
  • Translate product roadmap objectives into backlog requirements with clear prioritization among features
  • Collaborate with the product designer on storyboards that clarify user journeys and story maps
  • Facilitate team discussion on design artifacts and provide feedback to the product designer
  • Work with the product teams to estimate work efforts, define milestones and forecast delivery dates
  • Develop and execute against release plans, removing roadblocks to ensure forward progress
  • Coordinate with supporting roles, such as marketing, ops, CX, legal, and finance to ensure viability, deliverability, usability and timing of product releases.   
  • Participate in weekly coordination meetings, communicating changes in features, priorities and release schedules to project stakeholders

  • 3+ years as a Product Manager at a technical product company
  • BS/BA degree in engineering, analytical or UI/UX field
  • Technical experience is highly preferred for this position
  • Experience conducting competitive market research and analysis
  • Experience designing, collecting and measuring qualitative and quantitative customer data 
  • Excellent communication skills in writing, presenting, and team interaction
  • Passionate about products in privacy, identity and cyber safety industries
  • Smart, creative and persistent. 

Finally, we expect you to score extremely high on our "Stuff That Matters":

BELIEVE: In the company's mission, in the team, and in your equity

ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM: We win together and lose individually

OK WITH AMBIGUITY: Comfortable making decisions with very little information

CURIOSITY: Seek out answers inside and outside the building

HUMILITY: Assume you don't have all the answers and seek to understand


OWNERSHIP: When in doubt, TAKE IT ON.

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