Director,Solutions- Analytics

Anheuser-Busch is looking for a Director of Analytics. This person will be responsible for leading and implementing the analytics projects focused on pricing, promotion and revenue generation with relevant solutions that are dynamic, flexible and have ability to model optimal permutations with large complex sets of data. The lead acts as the key point of contact between the Solutions Analytics team and the broader Commercial Management teams in driving new thinking and concepts in this area. The lead would be the key expert in the overall solutions and technologies dedicated to holistic profitability analysis.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for delivering commercial analytics projects and proof of concepts in the zone, working closely with the business teams and external vendors making sure the right solution is delivered with the right impact
  • Identify and test concepts, technologies, and partner quickly and effectively with the appropriate level of governance required to validate results and gain stakeholder and business alignment
  • Enable an environment which is focused on identifying gaps and needs of the business through dedicated industry and technology research while utilizing internal network and labs
  • Influence and collaborate with the solutions teams to deliver future solutions, with scale up capability
  • Help to streamline a better data supply chain for analytics that goes from experimentation into production
  • Assist in the development of new digital applications that are built on an ad hoc basis to address new business requirements or opportunities
  • Interpret, validate and explain findings, and ensure that insights lead to appropriate actions
  • Embrace design thinking, storytelling and translating insights into decisions and actions
  • Work in an agile project environment with high pace delivery of results and outputs

Job Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or Information Technology required. Advanced degree preferred
  • Extensive knowledge of commercial/sales/finance management with 4-7 years of project experience in commercial analytics projects
  • Hands on experience with data wrangling tools Alteryx, SAS, Mule and Knime
  • Previous involvement in data science projects working with statistical packages like Python and R
  • Ability to influence strategic decisions of the business
Technical Qualifications:
  • Python and Shell Scripting
  • Git and Gitflow workflows
  • Experience using project support tools such as Microsoft Dev/Ops or VSTS
  • Setting up Virtual Environment in Linux and Microsoft
  • Configuring Docker Container
  • Deploying with Kubernetes
  • Data Processing with Spark, Hadoop or Hive
  • Publishing data with MongoDB or SQLDB or Cosmos DB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Distributed Streaming e.g. Apache Kafka
  • Scheduling with Apache Airflow
  • Lightweight web application like Flask or Django
  • To have clear understanding of Agile Principals.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning and tools like Databricks & Alteryx
  • Knowledge of JavaScript , Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

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