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About Andela
Andela extends engineering teams with world-class software developers. We recruit the most talented developers on the African continent, shape them into technical leaders, and place them as full-time distributed team members with companies that range from Microsoft and IBM to dozens of high-growth startups. Backed by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV (Google Ventures) and Spark Capital, Andela is building the next generation of global technology leaders. Passion, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and rejecting the status quo are just a few of the things that Andela team members have in common.
We have a vision to train 100,000 world-class developers in the next 10 years – and we want you to help make it happen.

About the Role
We are seeking a dedicated, passionate, detail-oriented Guest Relations & Travel Coordinator  to facilitate the complex logistics required for all Nairobi-related travel for all members of the Andela team. At Andela we know that talent is evenly distributed but that opportunity is not. As a top-notch Guest Relations & Travel Coordinator,  you’ll also be instrumental in connecting extraordinary talent in Africa to new opportunities around the world. You will also be required to make our guests feel at home and to guarantee their contentment. You will furnish our guests with above-and-beyond service to ensure a memorable and genuine experience. The goal is to sponsor a good company image by honoring guests’ requests and to achieve high levels of guest satisfaction and engagement.

We are looking for a self-starter. Someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves, jump in and be prepared for some long hours when necessary, and help us build an incredible business that can change the lives of young people in Africa. This is a chance to get on-the-ground experience with a seasoned team of entrepreneurs that’s plugged into the heart of Lagos’ growing technology startup community with active interactions with our team members in New York and Nairobi.

Purpose of the Role
The right candidate is excited about and naturally gifted at handling all aspects of guest relations and travel arrangement. The following tasks are associated with this role:

Andela is a multiple location organization, with staff in multiple countries, having to traverse the different countries, in various capacity. As part of this role, you will be responsible for various aspects surrounding travel to and from the Nairobi Center.


Outgoing Travel


  • Liaising with all other Andela Centers to ensure that adequate notice is given for all scheduled travel
  • Ensuring that the intended personnel travel have all necessary documentation required for travel
  • Arranging for all necessary documentation and requirements to facilitate travel, e.g. Invite letters, Visas, Yellow fever, Tickets, Insurance etc.
  • Ensuring all travelling personnel are properly briefed and/or trained prior to  travel
  • Liaising with all departments to ensure the travelling personnel have everything they need for purposes of their travel.
  • Liaising with other centers to ensure they are prepared to receive the travelling personnel.
  • Keeping tabs on travelling personnel to ensure they are having a decent stay once they have travelled
  • Debriefing personnel on return to ensure learnings are being used to improve this.
  • Managing relationships in support of this e.g. Travel agencies etc.
  • Dealing with any emergencies surrounding personnel that have travelled to ensure they are safe and comfortable.


  • Organizing for Transport and accommodation within the approved budgets
  • Ensuring adequate prep before departure
  • Dealing with any issues  that may arise within such travel.


Incoming Travel

  • Ensuring we give the different centers adequate support to facilitate the travel of their personnel or proposed guests to Andela Kenya on request.
  • Arranging for the accommodation of all incoming guests
  • Ensuring all incoming guests are properly briefed on expectations before they come
  • Ensuring all incoming guests are received well and that we can cater for all special needs as and when they come in.
  • Ensuring all guests are completing surveys that can teach us how and where to improve.

Vendor  and Budget Management:

  • Managing any and all vendor relationships required for the above required travel
  • Managing all reconciliations and payments to vendors
  • Managing the budget expectations for travel, and ensuring departments are prepared for this.
  • Ensuring reconciliations are done by travelling staff members where necessary


Andela receives quite a number of guests from time to time. With a number of investors, clients and other friends of Andela frequently visiting the Andela campus, you will be required to be able to achieve the below as part of your job:

  • Creating and managing an active guest schedule
  • Working with different teams to decide which guests are hosted when and what resources (human and other) will be deployed towards each visit
  • Updating departments and/or personnel that may be required in order to ensure the success of a visit of the intended visit within good time
  • Prioritization and screening of guest requests into Andela Kenya. 
  • Communication: Both prior communication with the guests to confirm and prepare them for the visit and follow up communication to review the visit.
  • Internal communication to the Andela Kenya community as to what guests are likely to be visiting
  • All Campus Facility tour management and organization
  • Forwarding of any guest requests (if any) to relevant departments
  • After visit follow-ups
  • Design and acquisition of any gift material necessary for guests 
  • Policies
  • Creating any and all policies around travel and sharing them to all staff
  • Creating any and all policies around guest management and sharing them to staff.
  • Other
  • Manage any other Associates or Interns assigned to that department
  • Any other duties as may be assigned as the department grows

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • 3–4 years of guest relations and travel coordination experience.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills are a must.
  • Ability to work in an open, transparent and collaborative environment.
  • Ability to multi-task, adapt quickly and easily to changing requirements in a fast-paced, tech based company
  • Must be able to adhere to deadlines and perform high quality work under minimal supervision.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

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