New Curriculum Senior Systems Engineer

Job Description:

About Amplify

Amplify is a leader in creating immersive, rigorous digital learning experiences that look great, play great, and help students expect great things of themselves. Amplify has been described as the best tech company in education, and the best education company in tech.

As an engineer at Amplify, you will join a talented team tackling the toughest problems in education with the best ideas in technology – including user experience, APIs and services, data analysis, and deployment pipelines. You'll play an active role in imagining and improving product design and the classroom experience.

We hire engineers "for the slope, not the intercept" – we're looking for intellectual ability, flexibility and ability to learn, and commitment to work together in tight-knit teams.

What You'll Do

Our systems team builds the tools that empower every engineer to ship code to classrooms quickly and reliably. We believe strongly in teaching our teammates to fish – you'll be an application engineer building great tools whose users are other engineers, not an "operations engineer" twiddling configs. You'll be building the sharing and learning culture so that every team uses your tools to improve their own lives, and those of our students and teachers.

  • Impress the toughest customers around – seventh graders – by:
  • helping teams across the company create fun, compelling apps by designing tools, workflows, and culture to ship code from laptops to classrooms frequently
  • Make life better for passionate, overworked teachers by:
  • helping teams meet the ultimate reliability and uptime challenge for digital tools – "is this better than paper?" by building great tools for:
  • continuous integration
  • configuration and deployment automation
  • metrics and monitoring
  • Help school administrators build great schools by:
  • building data pipelines that respect privacy and ensure security while offering useful insights
  • analyzing performance and squashing tricky bugs using tools like New Relic, Splunk, Alert Logic, and AWS CloudWatch
  • Learn every day by:
  • leading collaboration, pull request-ing, and mentoring on a cross-functional team
  • participating in cross-team share-outs, brownbags, and workshop series

Example Projects You Might Work On

  • Building and improving an innovative deployment framework that abstracts over deployment strategies including AWS EC2, AWS S3, Terraform infrastructure templates, Docker, and more
  • Designing and implementing a
  • Designing and implementing a data replication pipeline

You Must Have

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 5+ years of professional software development experience
  • 2+ years experience with web technologies, including JavaScript/HTML5/CSS and middle tier stacks (Java, Ruby, Python), with strong expertise and one of these areas.
  • Strong CS and software engineering fundamentals, and the wisdom to know when they're relevant
  • Experience deploying production systems in the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Experience with server performance and failure monitoring/diagnostics practices and technologies.
  • Strong communication skills in writing, conversation, and maybe silly gifs

Extra Credit For

  • Experience with tools we use every day:
  • Build: Linux, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Python
  • Storage: Postgresql, Redshift, S3
  • Deploy: Chef, AWS (EC2, Lambda, SQS, Data Pipeline, etc.), New Relic, Splunk, Terraform
  • Experience with tools we don't use, but should, and the wisdom to know when to recommend them
  • Experience with network and application security policy, practices, and implementation.
  • Familiarity with incident management best practices.
  • Proven passion and talent for teaching fellow engineers and non-engineers
  • Proven passion for building and learning: open source contributions, pet projects, self-education, Stack Overflow
  • Experience in education or ed-tech

Amplify is an Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.

This position may be funded, in whole or in part, through American Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds.

Meet Some of Amplify's Employees

Rodney A.

Software Engineer

Rodney ensures that each new Amplify product and automated feature goes through extensive testing to ensure efficiency before being deemed ready for release to the public.

Danny P.

Dev Tools Team

Danny builds the tools that Amplify developers use to create app features for students across the country, as well as to solve any internal issues his fellow employees might be experiencing.

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