Software Development Engineer

3+ months agoBerlin, Germany


If you agree that graph is awesome, come join our creative team of engineers dedicated to making Amazon Neptune even better!

Amazon Neptune is a fast, scalable, fully-managed graph database service, already used by thousands of customers around the globe. Neptune powers graph use cases such as recommendation engines, fraud prevention, knowledge graphs, drug discovery, and many more. We are constantly improving query performance and adding new features to make all these use cases run increasingly better and to create more impact for our customers.

The core of Amazon Neptune is a purpose-built, high-performance graph database engine capable of storing hundreds of billions of relationships and querying with milliseconds latency. Neptune supports both the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and property graph data models and their respective query languages.

This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor in the emerging and fast growing space of graph databases, shaping the future of the industry. To learn more about Amazon Neptune visit:

Work/Life Harmony
Every member of our team is an exciting individual with a unique life of their own. We know that work is only one of the many parts in our lives. Although we are spread globally across the world we work together to accommodate a flexible set up for all our team members. Some of us start the day early while others prefer to come in late, and that's okay as long as we get enough time together to sync up and collaborate throughout a typical week.

On-Call Responsibility
As a team we all share on-call responsibilities. We don't like getting paged in the middle of the night or on the weekend, so we work to ensure that our systems are fault tolerant. When we do get paged, we work together to resolve the root cause so that we don't get paged for the same issue twice.

Mentorship & Career Growth
Our team is dedicated to supporting new team members in an environment that acknowledges and celebrates knowledge sharing and mentorship. Our senior engineers mentor more junior engineers through one-on-one mentoring and collaborating across design, implementation, and reviews.
We care about your career growth. We try to assign projects and tasks based on what will help each team member develop into a better-rounded engineer and enable them to take on more complex tasks in the future. We also give every engineer the time and space they need to take trainings and work on their personal growth.

Inclusive Team Culture
Our team is eager to attract and welcome amazing people from any kind of background. We believe that diverse perspectives in the team help everyone's personal growth and make us more successful together. Yes, we do get to build a really cool service, but we also think a big reason for that is the inclusive and welcoming culture we try to cultivate every day.

We are looking for engineers who are enthusiastic, empathetic, curious, motivated, reliable, and able to work effectively with a diverse team of peers; someone who will help us amplify the positive and inclusive team culture we've been building, while being excited to solve database problems and getting things done.

As our new team member you will...
• Work on the design and implementation of innovative graph database features, especially on query optimization, and execution
• Work with a fun and friendly, agile team, fostering a startup culture within a larger organization
• Help us ensure (and improve) Neptune's high availability, reliability and performance for our customers
• Participate in project execution to develop novel database services
• Bring your best engineering self every day to make graphs ever better for AWS customers around the globe


• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience
• Advanced software engineering skills
• Strong DBMS knowledge, including on design and systems architecture
• Preferably 4+ years of professional experience in software engineering


• Knowledge of graph query languages (e.g., SPARQL, Apache TinkerPop Gremlin, or OpenCypher)
• Experience working on database technologies
• Good knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis with experience in at least one modern programming language such as Java, Scala, or C++
• Experience developing complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers
• Experience in communicating with users, other technical teams, and management as needed throughout the development lifecycle
• Experience to work in a diverse, international team, including with peer teams in distant time zones

Job ID: Amazon-1333597